Agile/Flexible Workplace Strategy: Understand where you are to determine where you will go

Mobile technologies, growing WiFi networks, and Cloud-based solutions enable many of today’s workers to complete works tasks and functions any time and from almost anywhere. As an increasing number of work and work-related functions are no longer anchored to a central location or standard hours, many organizations have implemented or are considering different ways to plan and use their space to leverage mobile trends in ways that mutually benefit the organization and employees.

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Facial Recognition Technology Expedites the Global Workplace

March 25, 2015

Remember when facial recognition technology first appeared about 20 years ago? During sales demonstrations, the computer would sometimes pull up the correct picture, but would also read three or four others that might or might not look anything like the subhect. The utility for facial recognition technology was usually pushed as a security tool. Set up a camera near the door of a store, for example, and you might stop a few convicted shoplifters from walking in.

Steven Rodriguez, chief operating officer at Asure Software, laughs at that memory. "It's changed a lot since then, " he says. "For us, it's about helping companies keep track of and optimize when and where their employees work."

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