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It takes world-class leadership to earn the trust of world-class organizations. Asure’s management team includes experts in technology, business management, sales, marketing and finance needed to help your organization manage your agile workforce.

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Pat has more than 20 years of experience in the human resources outsourcing industry. Before joining Asure Software, he was president and CEO of Fidelity Investment’s HR Services Division; president and CEO of Advantec; and executive vice president at Ceridian, where he was responsible for sales, marketing, operations and business development in the United States. As CEO of Asure Software, Pat is focused on building an end-to-end business model that ensures predictable bookings and revenue growth. Pat is a frequent industry speaker and serves on the boards of Allover Media and SafeGuard World International. He also serves as the CEO of APPD Investments.

When Pat’s not building world class companies, you’ll find him catching a Green Bay Packers game or enjoying the Florida sunshine with his wife and sons at his vacation home.

As Global Senior Vice President of Technology Joe focuses on using the best technology approaches that allow our solutions to sit atop the industry. He joined Asure in 2012 when the company he co-founded, RedESoft, was acquired by Asure. Joe has also served as Director of Development at ERP vendor CMI. With more than 20 years of experience in product development and management, Joe shares his expertise to bring enterprise-scale software solutions to market. He is a featured speaker and has published numerous articles on software development techniques and methodologies. Joe earned a BS degree in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University, Houghton.

While Joe may be a tech head, he has an artistic side to him as well. He can often be found playing percussion with his wife, recording artist Angela Josephine. When not pounding out code or a wicked beat, Joe and his wife can be found traveling the world, enjoying the outdoors and finding fabulous local fare.

Eyal brings more than 17 years of relevant industry experience with a focus on scaling revenue. At Asure Software, he is responsible for global sales and marketing along with business development. He is focusing on broader sales-offering message domestically and globally.Prior to Asure, Goldstein served as Chief Revenue Officer of Insight Venture Partner’s FilmTrack, a global rights management platform. Eyal previously served as Executive Vice President of DAZ Systems, prior to DAZ he was Regional Vice President at Oracle Corp. He also served as Vice President at Ceridian Corporation.  At Ceridian he worked with Pat Goepel within his organization.

Brad joined Asure Software in 2014 as the company’s CFO. Brad brings over 30 years of finance and operations experience, including an extensive background in public and private equity, as well as M&A to Asure. Most recently, Brad spent 14 years with DCI Group, a private equity and investment organization, where he served in consulting, office and executive finance and operational goals for the firm’s subsidiary and portfolio companies to promote their growth and profitability. As CFO of Asure Software, Brad will help lead Asure’s growth both domestically and globally in the area of SaaS based solutions for the mobile workforce.

A former college football athlete, Brad brings discipline and focus to Asure Software. When he’s finished crunching numbers for the day, it’s off to the gym to do a different kind of crunches. You’ll likely find him strength training and weightlifting. During his downtime, Brad loves to garden and fancies himself a bit of a green thumb.