Benefit plans that attract talent

Increase your ability to attract and retain top talent by offering the most suitable plans for your agile employees. From COBRA to HSA, Asure Employee Benefits Services has you covered.

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Meet more of your employees’ diverse needs by matching them with the right benefits plans and giving them the ability to manage their benefit plans, enrollments and life events, any time, anywhere.


Gain peace of mind knowing your employees and your business are covered. Deliver a smooth benefits experience no matter how benefit regulations or provider specifications might change.


Use employee benefits election data to make better-informed decisions about how to balance the costs and complexities of benefits administration with other strategies that drive employee retention.

enefits Administration for HIPPA, COBRA, and FSA Plans


Don’t struggle to keep current with HIPAA rights and protections—let us do it for you! We provide complete and accurate certificate issuance to any employee or dependent who stops coverage.


Our solution maintains strict compliance while leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide seamless COBRA administration. We offer hold harmless guarantee and full indemnification with 100% liability protection so that you're 100% covered, no matter what.


Flexible Spending Accounts allow employees to set money aside from each paycheck before payroll taxes are deducted. Employees get more take-home pay and your organization pays less in FICA and FUTA payroll taxes.

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Benefits Reimbursement plans


Offer your employees more choices and better benefits per dollar. HRAs let them see their biggest spending categories to make more informed healthcare decisions. Our HRA solution also allows your organization to list HRA as a business expense, improving your bottom line.


Allow your employees to pay for transit, parking, and travel expenses with tax-free dollars. Employees contribute to their account with pre-tax payroll deductions and can access those funds with Asure Benefits Cards.

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The Asure Advantage

Free direct deposit and benefit debit card

• 100% compliance with all current IRS regulations

• Reduce FICA taxes and decrease employment costs

• Electronic enrollment and communication materials

• Free direct deposit and benefit debit card

• Toll-free support and 24-hour online access for staff and participants

• Personalized, experienced, dedicated Account Manager for every client

Free direct deposit and benefit card

Asure is an industry leader in continuation, benefits administration, and reimbursement services.

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