Workplace Utilisation & Occupancy Sensors

Don't let your office space go to waste. Optimize your real estate footprint today!

SmartView is a comprehensive workplace utilisation analysis solution that empowers you to make educated, cost-effective decisions about your workspace. It uses state of the art occupancy and presence detection devices with in-depth, interactive reporting dashboards to track, measure, and analyze space throughout your entire facility including individual workspaces.

  • Desk To Employee Ratios

    Most organisations still use a 1-to-1 desk to employee ratio. Achieving a higher ratio like 5-to-1 is not only possible—it can also save you millions in overhead costs.

  • Occupancy Detection System

    SmartView is a complete, automated, and integrated space utilisation measurement system. This revolutionary system of activity sensors and analytic tools help you understand and manage available real estate and workstations.

  • Passive Detection

    Discover actual space use—meeting rooms to individual workspaces—by passively capturing occupancy and utilisation with unobtrusive sensors. Employees go about their regular work activities while SmartView collects data.

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Cash in on the benefits of an alternative workspace today

While some organisations are easily making the shift to alternative workspaces, others aren’t quite sure where to begin. We think a great starting place is fully understanding how your current space is used. Once you know that, making space-related decisions is much easier.

No need to unleash your inner handyman. Installation is a breeze.

When we do it for you, installation is hassle-free. The system is installed during off-peak work hours so there is little to no work environment interruption. Most employees don’t even realise the sensors are there.

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Unleash the power of analytics with SmartView

Occupancy data comes to life with intuitive data visualisations from our reporting portal, enabling you to analyze a wealth of information with minimal training.

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