Payroll & Tax Management

Supercharge your payroll and tax management

Asure's Payroll and Tax Management is a user-friendly payroll solution, offering complete access to tax filing and reporting, helping you effectively manage your workforce. Simple navigation helps you access the many innovative features

  • Payroll Wizard

    Whether you have 50 or 50,000 employees, Asure's got you covered. Our system can handle simple or complex calculations without extra programming or steps. The Wizard gives you step-by-step directions and logically sorts out potential errors before payroll processing so you know you're in good hands.

  • Automated Filing and Reporting

    With Asure, distributing, filing, and tax reporting are easy. Our Automated Tax Filing and Reporting takes the pain out of keeping up with taxes—no matter your company's size. We have you covered on all tax jurisdictions—whether it's federal, state, city, or geo-based taxes, we have them all.

  • General Ledger

    Our General Ledger interface will map directly to your chart of accounts and the data can be imported into your accounting system, helping you keep up with the latest business happenings—so you're prepared for whatever's thrown at you.

  • Real-Time Reports

    Asure’s payroll system provides you with access to over 450 standard reports and two skilled report writers—both analytical and ad hoc, keeping vital information at your fingertips.

See why leading companies choose Asure for their Payroll Needs

Improve efficiency and connectivity with employee payroll and tax tools

Employee engagement is all about the connexion to a company and the management team. It is important for all employees to feel empowered in their environment. With Self Service, we put the responsibility into the hands of the employees and not on HR.

Put the power back in your employees’ hands.

With Asure’s powerful cloud-based SaaS payroll & tax tools, employees have the ability to view/print pay stubs, view PTO accrual information, request time off, download W2s and much more.

By putting tools back in the hands of your teams Asure can quickly and effectively reduce employee request burdens on your HR and payroll teams

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