Hoteling & Mobile Workforce Management

Align your workspace with your mobile workforce and corporate culture

Office hoteling and mobile workforce programmes offer the perfect balance of employee flexibility and cost efficiency. Whether your corporate culture includes a mobile workforce or you are introducing a new hoteling program, the key to success lies in proper implementation of user friendly tools and focus on employee change management.

  • Search & People Finder

    Whether looking for a window seat or one near a co-worker with whom you need to collaborate Asure’s graphical floor plan allows you to search for available spaces and find colleagues.

  • Integration with Outlook

    Make the most of your calendaring systems by integrating them with our resource scheduling systems. You get the best of both worlds with a robust scheduling system accessed through calendaring software your employees are already familiar with.

  • Alternative Work Spaces

    While some organisations are easily making the shift to alternative workspaces, others aren’t quite sure where to begin. We think a great starting place is a full understanding of how your current space is used. Once you know that, making space-related decisions is much easier.

  • Mobile Workspace Scheduling

    With NowSpace, your mobile workforce will never be in a position where they don’t have the ability to schedule meeting rooms or workspaces as long as they have their phone!

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See a real return on investment and much more

When you align your workforce with corporate real estate strategy, you'll see substantial savings. Clients typically reduce real estate overhead by 35 to 50 percent. You’ll also better support green initiatives, improve space utilization, decrease energy consumption and costs, and improve employee satisfaction.

Bring your mobile, agile workforce into the 21st century with cloud-based SaaS tools

Deploy mobile technologies to keep pace with your mobile workforce. With NowSpace™ mobile scheduling, employees can easily find, reserve, and use workspaces and meeting rooms directly from their mobile devices. They can also find and book rooms from personal PCs or touch panels located outside conference rooms and collaboration spaces. AsureSpace solutions are cloud-based, can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, and use an open API, promoting easy integration with your existing infrastructure.

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Realtime analytics from your mobile workforce allow you to optimise your real estate layouts

The first key to success: align your workforce strategy with your corporate real estate strategy. The cloud fuels big data, which in turn fuels your ability to make smart decisions. Solutions such as SmartView, SmartMove™, and our resource scheduling software will help you collect real-time data to measure, understand, and improve space utilization based on your workforce dynamics.

For example, If you have a high volume of virtual workers who come to the office primarily to collaborate with co-workers and clients, consider fewer cubicles and more hot desks, collaboration spaces, virtual phone booths, and touchdown spaces.

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