Asure Software Contract

For Resource Scheduler,  Meeting room manager, work space manager, meeting maker, scheduler plus,  geopunch,  ASUREFORCE™, ASURESPACE™, NETSIMPLICTY™, iemployee™, ADI® AND ADI Time® products.

Limited Use SAAS/CLOUD LICENSE AGREEMENT EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

For Asure Software’s hosted applications for EMEA, please consult the Asure Software Limited Use SaaS Cloud License Agreement EMEA

Acceptable Use Policy

Training and Deployment Services

Installation and training packages must be used within 60 days of purchase. The customer is responsible for reasonable travel expenses for any purchased on-site service.

Maintenance and Support

Renewal Maintenance is 20 percent of the then-current value of the software licence held. Maintenance is comprehended in on-demand (SaaS) pricing—there are no incremental M&S fees for on-demand subscriptions. Support and maintenance are calculated in software costs only, and do not apply to hardware.

General Terms of Sale

  • Payment terms in the UK are 30 days from invoice date.
  • Hardware shipments are FOB origin.
  • All pricing (unless otherwise specified ) is in GBP.
  • Customer is responsible for all applicable taxes.

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