Safety Plans

Safety Plans

Legally required to have a safety program but don’t know where to start?

Many companies are out of compliance with government regulations simply because they are not aware of the requirements. A well-documented safety program not only meets legal requirements, it also creates peace of mind for employers and employees.

What does it take to have a legally compliant and effective Accident Prevention Program or Safety Plan?

A comprehensive Safety Plan begins with an active safety committee that meets as required and keeps and files accurate minutes. In Washington State, like many other states, most companies are required to have a formal Accident Prevention Program, including procedures ensuring swift access to medical care.

OSHA regulations, safety postings, first aid kit requirements, new employee safety training, and standardized forms, along with a comprehensive, detailed written Accident Prevention Program comprise the key elements of an effective and compliant plan.

Asure Consulting can help you implement an Accident Prevention Program in your workplace.

What about Drug Testing?

Drug and Alcohol Programs can be an integral part of a Safety Plan. Drug testing is required by law in some workplaces and by company policy in others. Knowing what type of program best suits your objectives is complicated. Issues such as how to handle negative test results, how and when to test, and who to test are tricky. Asure Consulting can help you develop and implement a Drug and Alcohol Program; we also assist you in communicating the new program to your employees.

All work will be conducted by a highly trained and accredited HR professional(s). Our staff members are all certified by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).


Safety Programs or Drug and Alcohol Programs typically range from $2000 to $2500 depending on the size and complexity of the organization, number of employees, and number of locations. Call or email for a quote or for more information.