Make educated, cost effective decisions about your workspace.

Our workplace utilization solution empowers you to make educated, cost-effective decisions about your workspace. Measure, manage, and optimize with smart workspace technology comprised of cloud-based software and IoT sensors which monitor and report on levels of occupancy, utilization and the environment.

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Most organizations still use a 1-to-1 employee to desk ratio. Achieving a higher ratio like 5-to-1 is not only possible, it can also save you millions in overhead costs. Enhance the employee workspace experience with live space availability.

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SmartView is a complete, automated, and integrated space utilization measurement system. This revolutionary system of activity sensors and analytic tools help you understand and manage available real estate and workstations.

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Our multifunction sensor not only captures utilization data but also collects temperature, noise, light, air pressure and air quality, all in the one package. Reduce energy costs through more effective use of space and API BMS & BAS Integration – Smart Building!

Cash in on the benefits of an alternative workspace today

While some organizations are easily making the shift to alternative workspaces, others aren’t quite sure where to begin. We think a great starting place is fully understanding how your current space is used. Once you know that, making space-related decisions is much easier.

Real Time Workspace Analytics

Analytics at your fingertips

Dashboard, users have access to a comprehensive suite of secure, real-time reporting tools. Reporting formats include colour-coded heat map floorplans, graphs, binary wall boards, bar charts, pie charts and a range of other formats.

Real-time Reliable Reporting

Reports offer multi-level filters including site, building, floor, zone, room, room type, desk type and various applicable levels of occupier data (i.e. team/dept) allowing for simple and intuitive comparison of utilization and performance across individual properties or entire portfolios.

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Environmental data analysis

Ensure Environmental Compliance

Get the data you need and deliver environmental compliance and excellence, which will aid in cost reduction and avoidance through intelligent HVAC delivery , while bringing a easy to use UX that delivers data into the hands of your users.

No IT Expertise Needed

When we do it for you, installation is hassle-free. The system is installed during off-peak work hours so there is little to no work environment interruption. Most employees don’t even realize the sensors are there.

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Measure actual workspace utilization

Identify patterns and trends in use and behavior to build a smarter workspace. To learn how we can save money on energy consumption and real estate savings, schedule a live demo now!

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