Better Meeting room scheduling

Schedule the rooms, resources, and services you need, quickly and easily. Better manage last minute changes, keeping your cool with information at the ready. Whether you need to schedule hundreds of rooms and thousands of desks or a few meeting rooms and a handful of desks, we can help.

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Connect to your system from any device — desktop, tablet, or mobile — then use touch panels and kiosks to reserve rooms and workspaces. Since everything is cloud-based, your system is updated and reflects changes in real-time.


Make the most of your calendars by integrating them with your resource scheduling system. You get the best of both worlds with a robust scheduling system accessed via calendaring software already familiar to your employees.

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Ensure events and visitors are managed properly from start to finish. Set up new events and capture critical information with a few simple clicks. You can also track guest arrival and departure for improved service and security.

Customizable Meeting Room Manager to Meet Your Needs

Today’s mobile workforce needs a flexible workplace to support innovation and productivity.

Interactive Floorplans

Desk-sharing initiatives are the future of modern workplaces as cloud and mobile technologies offer an ‘anytime, anywhere’ work style.

Workplace Business Intelligence

Our analytics will show you a wealth of information on how your employees work. The power of Big Data with data warehousing, interactive analytics, and report visualizations.

Global Scalability

Search available resources in multiple locations with a side-by-side comparison of local times, ensuring you set meetings at a time that works for everyone.

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Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

More than room scheduling — Scalable architecture with enterprise class security.

See who’s meeting and when with robust reporting tools

Dive into the visualizations to analyze trends by location, person, or department to understand not only what space is being underutilized, but also when, by whom, and most importantly -why.

Advanced Service Management

Streamline complex orders and keep service providers on step ahead of your fast-paced organization with pricing and inventory controls and a dynamic management console.

Enterprise Level Security

Asure provides a fully compliant and secure SSAE 16 / SOC infrastructure. Be at ease knowing that your data is safe.

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Scheduling From Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Create a tech-savvy workplace that simplifies scheduling with integrated kiosks and digital signage.

Scheduling Integrity

All bookings from our Kiosks and Touch Panels feed directly into the central database, just like web or Outlook reservations, so the schedule is always up-to-date.

Reporting Accuracy

Capturing ad-hoc meetings and controlling no-shows improves your utilization reporting, giving you better insight into how your space is being used.

Centralized maintenance

Future configuration changes, updates, and maintenance are all done from a centralized web site, no need to physically visit each panel and kiosk.

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Get more from your investments

Real estate and people are likely your biggest expenses — Get more from both!

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