Plan and execute moves like a pro

Eliminate the burden of move management activities by providing floor plan scenarios and tracking data to ensure smooth
transitions in your ever-changing business landscape. Whether you’re a smaller agency or a large organization, never waste time on moves again!

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Worried about moving people from place to place or department to department? Find peace of mind with SmartMove, a solution that allows you to move records on-demand and schedule for the future.


Proactively plan for the future with SmartMove's sandboxing and scenario planning functions that let you create and review multiple moving options before making final decisions for your space.


Display floor plans with highlighting and filtering options or in familiar table-style formats. View scenarios or export to your device for further analysis and presentation.

Asset and move management down to a science

Office space is always in flux. Whether your company is growing rapidly, reducing its real estate footprint or implementing alternative workspaces, you need to manage your space, occupancy and assets.

Manage People in Your Space

SmartMove enables you to assign records like organization units, entitlements, and job titles, while providing you with up-to-date occupancy, vacancy, and space allocation data.

Manage your assets

Assign your assets to people and spaces while staying organized. Stay updated with serial numbers, purchase dates, and statuses. arm yourself with actionable analytics as you consider alternative workspace strategies.

Explore Move Management Scenarios

Use visual floor plans and traditional spreadsheet formatted views to create multiple move scenarios and

Tablet screen showing workspace mangement

Manage office spaces with complete floorplan schematics

SmartMove keeps record of square footage, doors, windows, and people and asset assignments. Use SmartMove to reduce unoccupied or misused space, discover growth trends, and identify consolidation scenarios.

Perform Moves, Additions, and Changes Faster

Up-to-the-minute information about your organization helps you streamline onboarding processes and day-to-day moves by making it simple to find ideal seating locations and assets.

Laptop screen showing office management schematics

Create a smarter office

Your workforce is more flexible, tech-savvy, and mobile than ever before — your office has to keep up. Learn how Asure Software can help you get the most from your space and make moves like a pro.

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