Resolve to go Mobile in 2015

the mobile workplaceAUSTIN, Texas (Jan. 7, 2015) – Most business leaders know that mobile technology is changing how, when and where today’s employees work. Yet, they may be struggling to win buy-in for mobile workplace initiatives or puzzling over where to begin. Tom Loveland, Asure Software Global SVP of Product Strategy, outlines five ways to help business leaders gain approvals and win support for mobile initiatives, and move forward with their plans:

  1. Identify your organization’s place on the mobile readiness spectrum: Some organizations still are set up so the vast majority of work must take place inside the office walls during office hours, while others have highly sophisticated mobile initiatives that enable employees to work basically anytime and anywhere. Determine where you are now on the mobile readiness spectrum and assess your organization’s culture and operations to determine how far you think you can move the needle.
  2. Change your mobile thinking: Being a mobile organization isn’t just about using smartphones, tablets and other hardware. It also means the organization’s culture, policies and operations work in sync to support agility and flexibility. Work is regarded as something to do, not a place. Mobile initiatives are designed to support work getting done, with time and location being variable factors.
  3. Convince leadership of the need to adapt: Does your leadership team think mobile is the right direction? Can you define or project how going mobile would benefit the organization in terms of enhanced productivity, engagement, recruitment, retention, and reduced costs? For example, a mobile workplace is, smaller and optimized for maximum efficiency, decreasing overall real estate costs. Understand your organization’s mission and the leadership team’s priorities and pain points, then align your strategies and messaging accordingly.
  4. Seek partnerships: Are other mobile initiatives underway in your organization? If so, who is leading them and what are their objectives? You may be able to build a stronger program, realize efficiencies, find strength in numbers and broaden the scope of impact by partnering. Involve IT to help assess the best technologies solutions to support the initiative. CIOs are often frustrated when department leaders select solutions that are incompatible with the organization’s existing systems and end up creating more work and problems for IT staff.
  5. Develop a launch plan: Employee support is essential to your initiative’s success. The easier it is for them to learn and use, the more likely they are to adopt it. However, also keep in mind that some people are skeptical about change and may automatically resist. Clearly communicate how your initiative will benefit employees and make things easier for them. Identify the early adopters and work to gain their support. Offer incentives to help promote use and adoption.

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