Asure Software’s New NowSpace App Provides Agile Workers with Comprehensive Workplace Scheduling Capabilities

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct 07, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Asure Software  a leading provider of workplace management software solutions, today announced the launch of AsureSpace NowSpace, a first-of-its-kind mobile app that provides users with all the scheduling functions of a desktop or laptop on their mobile device.

“Asure Software is known for its expertise in designing and creating forward-thinking, user-friendly software solutions,” said Jeff Roof, Vice President of Product. “The new NowSpace app offers an intuitive design that employees will enjoy using. When conference room scheduling is just a click away on a mobile device, any workforce will become more productive and effective.”

NowSpace enables users to check attendee and room availability, reserve meeting rooms and workspaces, and schedule meetings in three easy steps. Its intuitive, user friendly interface makes scheduling functions just a finger tap away. The app optimizes search results based on historical usage, preferences and location-based filtering, and it uses common icons and colors throughout to promote user adoption and ongoing usage.

“With the growing prevalence of and advancements in mobile technologies, mobile networks, and Cloud solutions, an increasing number of work and work-related functions are no longer anchored to a central location or standard hours,” said Tom Loveland, Asure Global Senior Vice President of Product Strategy. “NowSpace is an example of how Asure is creating solutions to leverage the way today’s agile workforce uses and interacts with mobile technologies, which have dramatically changed when and how work gets done. These powerful tools empower employees with greater access and improved flexibility and agility, enabling them to be more productive, collaborative and engaged.”

Asure will hold a free webinar on Oct. 22 at 11:30 a.m. CDT to introduce and demonstrate NowSpace. To register, visit More information on NowSpace also is available at


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