Asure Software Offers Five Time and Labor Management Tips to Help Organizations Support Today’s Connected Workforce

AUSTIN, Texas, Sep 02, 2014 — As the country honors and recognizes workers nationwide for Labor Day this week, Asure Software a leading provider of workplace management solutions, offers five tips to help managers and business leaders who still rely on spreadsheets, forms and manual process for scheduling and time reporting functions — despite the pervasive use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. by nearly all workers — to enhance workforce agility, productivity and engagement, while optimizing their organization’s workforce spend and improving profits.

“Progressive organizations are seeing many strategic operational advantages, even imperatives, to leverage technologies in new and better ways for enhanced workforce agility and productivity, while enabling managers and business leaders to track employees more effectively, protect profit loss related to time fraud, and accurately plan and manage staffing,” said Steven Rodriguez, Asure Software COO, who outlined these tips:

  • Automate processes: Timecards, paper timesheets submitted to supervisors in-person or via fax, work schedules posted on bulletin boards, PTO forms left in a manager’s in-box – these are all things of the past. Today’s user-friendly TLM systems consolidate these processes online, eliminating issues with illegible entries, lost or misplaced forms, data re-entry errors and duplication of efforts, and the risk of manual errors that can occur in this process, and help organizations manage regulatory compliance requirements that are prone to costly errors. And, all data is processed and reported in real-time, eliminating delays and guesswork.
  • Leverage employees’ personal technologies: Most workers are highly connected to technology 24×7 via their own mobile devices, meaning nearly all are “agile workers” to varying degrees. Enabling them to access work systems via their own familiar technologies helps to enhance their engagement and work satisfaction. Organizations can leverage employees’ connectivity and help to make their lives easier and more efficient by enabling them to conduct self-service tasks online, such as checking PTO balances, submitting schedule availability or timesheets, searching and signing up for extra shifts, etc. at their convenience.
  • Move to the Cloud: Cloud-based TLM solutions free employees from the office walls and work, enabling them to access scheduling systems at their convenience with their own technologies. Using the Cloud also ensures that all employees throughout the organization, regardless of their location, are using the same technology – a key benefit for organization whose employees are increasingly mobile and global. For HR and payroll managers,the Cloud’s benefits also include assurance that technology is always current and less reliance on over-stretched corporate IT staff.
  • Explore Emerging Biometric and Geolocation Technologies:TLM mobile apps make it convenient and fast for mobile workers and those whose work involves time off-site to log their time and location by enabling their mobile devices to function as a timeclock fueled by selfies. Facial recognition and geolocation technologies combine to quickly verify the user’s identity and location, enabling supervisors to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time, and helping the organization to prevent time fraud – which can account for up to five percent of payroll costs.
  • Optimize Scheduling:TLM scheduling systems now offer many useful functionalities that spreadsheets can’t even touch, empowering employees to better track and manage their schedules. For instance, employees who want to pick up extra hours can go online to look for open shifts and bid on them. Supervisors have visual dashboards to quickly check availabilities, as well as robust data to optimize staffing and reallocate staff, as needed. If they have shift spot to fill quickly they can push out notices to employees who are eligible to cover.

“Traditional paper-based and manual time and labor tools are cumbersome, error-prone, and do not provide the conveniences, efficiencies and flexibilities that workers have come to expect with today’s technologies,” said Rodriguez. “Most workers have and use their own technologies to plan and organize their lives, and they appreciate and quickly adapt to solutions that enable them to use their own familiar technologies.”

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