Asure Software Announces availability of New AsureSpace Touch Panels

AUSTIN, Texas and London, England (Feb. 24, 2015) – Asure Software (Nasdaq: ASUR), a leading provider of workplace and workforce management software solutions, today announced the introduction of its new  AsureSpace Touch Panels, which can be installed next to meeting rooms and collaboration spaces to enable users to quickly check space availability and make on-the-go reservations – all in real time. New product features include:

  • Capacitive display screen (technology similar to common smartphone screens) that is highly responsive to finger touches and swipes.
  • Smaller 7.5”x5.5” size, lighter weight and simplified bracket system for easy installation.
  • Improved screen resolution, 1280 x 800, delivers stronger colors and visual displays.
  • Red/green LED lights at the top and bottom of the panels that enable users to see at a quick glance and from a distance whether a space is open or being used.

“Many organizations today are taking a closer look at how they use space and how much they actually need,” said Tom Loveland, Asure Software Global SVP of Product Strategy. “Underutilized space wastes money and energy; insufficient space can affect productivity.  Some organizations are seeing increased demand for meeting spaces correlating to the growth of virtual workers, telecommuters, mobile staff, and others coming to the office primarily for meetings.  An effective space management strategy can help organizations achieve an ideal balance.”

“AsureSpace Touch Panels are an excellent supplement to our workplace management solutions for organizations that want to ensure their meeting spaces are easily accessible and used as efficiently as possible,” Loveland added.

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Jennifer Roth, Asure Software Global SVP of Marketing