Asure Software Announces AsureForce and Workforce Management Platform Upgrades and Optimization

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct 02, 2014 — Asure Software  a leading provider of workplace management solutions, has upgraded the platform for its AsureForce workforce management solution to incorporate several client-requested functionality enhancements and additions, and optimized the platform’s speed to run 30 percent faster.

“The upgraded AsureForce platform was optimized for faster performance and it incorporates key new functionalities that streamline time and labor management processes, improve productivity, and provide more options for administrators to customize the solution to their specifications,” said Jason Main, Asure Software Vice President of Product Management. “Current and potential clients will be delighted with the platform’s additions and enhancements.”

The latest AsureForce upgrades include:

  • Custom security roles: Allows customers to use security role templates and customize them to increase or decrease permissions for specific users.
  • Advanced scheduling module: Enables managers to perform advanced functions, such as scheduling break times, specifying how far employees can punch in ahead of their scheduled start time, and allowing employees to view scheduling systems and sign up for open shifts.
  • Enterprise scheduling module: Same functionality as the advanced scheduling module (see above), plus incorporates email/text messaging and enables users to enter preferred shifts, swap shifts and use a Quick Scheduling feature.
  • Non-Departmental approval authority: Enables supervisors to approve time for employees from other departments who are temporarily assigned to their department.
  • Schedulable import utility: Previously, users had to be logged onto the system to import files. Now, they can schedule imports to run any time, day or night.
  • User defined fields: Allows administrators to create additional fields for items they want to view on timecards or track in user profiles, such as address or phone number.
  • Clock configuration capabilities: Incorporates a module in the AsureForce software where timeclocks can be regulated. Previously, any changes or adjustments had to be done directly on the timeclock unit.
  • Globalization: Supports international date and currency formats by reading the user’s Internet setting to determine the appropriate local date and currency format.
  • Various performance enhancements: Response times were improved on pages that previously had been slower to respond, producing response times up to 10 times faster in some cases.

“The new globalization functionality is important for Asure because it will enable us to expand AsureForce sales outside of the U.S. to other English speaking countries and companies worldwide that use English as their main language,” noted Main.

Asure also consolidated its timeclock software so that all AsureForce timeclock customers and former ADI Time customers that came to Asure when it acquired ADI Time now operate on the same platform. The consolidation streamlines Asure’s development processes so it can focus all future upgrade and enhancement efforts on a single platform.

“Asure Software is dedicated to providing our clients with forward-thinking, user-friendly workforce management solutions,” said Tom Loveland, Asure Global Senior Vice President of Product Strategy. “We continuously strive to enhance our products, and we are thrilled to announce our recent progress.”

For more information on AsureForce workforce management solutions, or visit Asure’s exhibit #1153 at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition, taking place Oct. 7-10 in Las Vegas. Asure will also showcase its GeoPunch mobile time app at the conference, a nominee for the2014 Silicon Valley Business Apps awards.


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