New timely Human Resources operations and compliance training courses are available to assist HCM professions to stay current and optimize abilities

AUSTIN, TEXAS — September 17, 2019 — Asure Consulting a wholly owned subsidiary of Asure Software (NASDAQ:ASUR), the leading provider of workforce and workspace software solutions, today announced the launch of the comprehensive HR Training Courses Program, consisting of 47 modular segments based on trending operations and compliance topics to assist business professionals to optimize abilities and mitigate risk. The courses are designed to be facilitated in-person, though may be implemented online on-demand, or a hybrid of both.

“Rapidly changing compliance needs and modes of operation drove the creation of this expansive training initiative,” said Bob Diez, Vice President & General Manager, Asure Consulting Inc. “Our research and consulting teams have identified these topics as top concerns companies need to address. We built this training program for businesses who are seeking competitive advantage by attending to the growth and development of their workforce – better strategies, more efficient execution and improved results due to increased employee competence.”

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Asure Consulting’s Training Courses Program is just one component of a customizable services portfolio including:

  • HR as a Service (HRaaS) encompassing fully-outsourced, comprehensive and cost-effective HR support, leveraging industry experts with a broad range of knowledge and experience
  • Payroll & Benefits Administration handling a company’s day-to-day processing and administration, reducing time, cost mitigating risk and optimizing accuracy
  • AsureHR Help enabling on-demand access to the certified expertise needed to handle complicated HR matters
  • Project-Based Consulting personalizing guidance and dedicating support to help company HR staff with specific projects.

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