Get the most out of your mobile teams with employee productivity tools & mobile workforce solutions

Employee productivity is a huge factor in the cost of produced goods. Manufacturers like you work hard to increase employee productivity and lower costs. Clocking in for a shift usually takes around a minute, which adds up quickly when you consider how many times employees clock in annually. What if clocking in took just ten seconds? And what if you could virtually eliminate employee time fraud?

Employee Management Made Simple

One of the many things all manufacturers have in common is the need to manage employees. Inefficient management leads to issues like time fraud and double punching, which means more work for you and your HR team, and less time to focus on your patients.

How We Help You

Asure’s Time and Labor Management software saves you time on payroll processing and cuts costs all around. AsureForce® Time & Labor Management easily captures time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing and labor law compliance. You also gain insight into workforce productivity trends, helping you make smart, informed decisions. Access AsureForce Time through web browsers, the cloud, and mobile devices to meet your needs, no matter where you are.

That’s Just the Beginning

At Asure, accurate time collection is just the tip of the iceberg. AsureForce Time also reduces your overall cost of ownership with automated processes and increased productivity. You can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations with time entry methods that meet your employees’ needs.

Find out why top manufacturers are choosing Asure

Step into the future with fraud-proof biometric time tracking

Eliminate buddy punching, increase overall accuracy, and cut costs with the industry-leading AirClock. Employees trigger facial recognition by submitting a quick selfie, removing the possibility of time fraud. This, and other Asure innovations will have your management team celebrating.

  • Mobile Time Tracking

    We make mobile time capture easy—and fun! Learn how employees can clock in with a selfie using mobile time tracking.

  • Workforce Scheduling Software

    Task scheduling may not seem strategic, but the right approach and software can significantly impact your business operations AND your bottom line. Asure Software’s enterprise employee scheduling software cuts costs, drives data decisions, and increases employee satisfaction.

  • Simplify Employee Adoption

    Busy people shouldn't be bogged down by cumbersome processes or technologies. Your mobile workforce tools must be easy to implement, provide minimal disruption to the workday, and improve your employees’ efficiency and accuracy.

Delighted Clients Gallery

Browse through some of our happy customers who switched to Asure and never looked back. Each case study gives an in-depth look at company needs, challenges and execution strategy to give you a inside look at how Asure can help you optimize your business, too!


Inotek is an environmental, health, and safety consulting firm with multiple divisions in many different cities across the country. More than 50 employees manage several clients, each with different billing requirements tied to specific time and attendance reporting. The Challenge When Inotek decided to move into an automated time and attendance solution, the payroll team was concerned that the o...

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DPT Laboratories

DPT Laboratories Ltd., is a full-service developer, manufacturer, and packager of prescription, over-the-counter, and biotech products. The company adhered to a manual time and attendance process—no mean feat considering there were 500 hourly employees. To complete payroll, the time sheets had to be faxed or delivered from six locations and processing required two full time employees. One of the...

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