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Get the most out of your mobile teams with employee productivity tools & mobile workforce solutions

Employee productivity is a huge factor in the cost of produced goods. Manufacturers like you work hard to increase employee productivity and lower costs. Clocking in for a shift usually takes around a minute, which adds up quickly when you consider how many times employees clock in annually. What if clocking in took just ten seconds? And what if you could virtually eliminate employee time fraud?

Employee Management Made Simple

One of the many things all manufacturers have in common is the need to manage employees. Inefficient management leads to issues like time fraud and double punching, which means more work for you and your HR team, and less time to focus on your patients.

How We Help You

Asure’s Time and Labor Management software saves you time on payroll processing and cuts costs all around. AsureForce® Time & Labor Management easily captures time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing and labor law compliance. You also gain insight into workforce productivity trends, helping you make smart, informed decisions. Access AsureForce Time through web browsers, the cloud, and mobile devices to meet your needs, no matter where you are.

That’s Just the Beginning

At Asure, accurate time collection is just the tip of the iceberg. AsureForce Time also reduces your overall cost of ownership with automated processes and increased productivity. You can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations with time entry methods that meet your employees’ needs.

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