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AsureForce Time’s customer service and support are great. I’ve worked with larger companies and they aren’t as responsive and willing to accommodate my requests.


Client Profile

Nixon Peabody LLP is one of the largest Global 100 law firms in the world, with 700 attorneys collaborating across 25 major practice areas in 18 office locations. It operates in cities around the globe: Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Rochester, San Francisco, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, and Washington D.C.

The firm’s size, diversity, and advanced technological resources deliver legal services to individuals and organizations of all sizes in local, state, national, and international matters. In 2008, Nixon Peabody launched the Legally Green™ campaign, promoting sustainability across legal, scientific, and engineering disciplines to help clients reduce their environmental impacts. Legally Green signified Nixon Peabody’s unique combination of legal experience, thought leadership, responsible citizenship, and commitment to serving clients and community.

The Challenge

Before adopting AsureForce™ Time & Labor Management Solutions, Nixon Peabody managed benefits enrollment for over 1,700 employees with paper forms. This paper-based system created unnecessary processing costs and overhead for the HR department—specifically with year-end payroll preparation. Nixon Peabody knew that this was unsustainable and began a corporate initiative to go paperless.

While the HR department posed an immediate need, Nixon Peabody also focused on taking the payroll department paperless. This change would cut operational costs, improve payroll and HR efficiency, and promote employee productivity with anytime, anywhere access.

The Solution

To go truly paperless, Nixon Peabody needed a product that could integrate with its existing payroll and benefits providers. This called for more than just time tracking—it would also need to include online benefits enrollment, paystubs, and W2s. The new solution needed to be equipped with top-of-the-line technology and support teams to facilitate implementation in all 18 office locations.

Nixon Peabody identified AsureForce Time as the ideal solution, not only because it fit the business’ requirements, but because it offered additional Web-based solutions like online timesheets and paystubs—key factors to going paperless.

The Results

With AsureForce Time, all of Nixon Peabody’s needs were met by one vendor. The company was able to save significant time and resources otherwise consumed by evaluating, integrating, and deploying multiple solutions.

“For many years we delivered our 10-page benefits statement in a paper format,” said Lynn Kendrot, Senior HRIS Administrator. With AsureForce time, this method was a thing of the past. The implementation process started with displaying paystubs, W2s, HR and benefits information, then moved to online timesheets, open enrollment, salary planning, and PTO modules.

Since implementing AsureForce Time, Nixon Peabody has gone paperless to support its corporate Legally Green campaign, cut operational costs, and streamlined its HR and payroll departments. Employees especially profited from the self-service benefits system. “We wanted our people to get involved and see what their elections mean on a day to day basis,” said Lynn Kendrot. “Simply listing them on a paystub doesn’t demonstrate their value and importance. With AsureForce Time, we were able to achieve this goal.”

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