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AAA Colorado

We had a previous tool that allowed for negative accrual, which is a huge problem. People were getting paid time off they didn’t have and it took 50 steps to do anything. As it got older, it started to fail in other places — it would not produce reports, it would delete all time records for a pay period and in the end, we would have to print out the time cards and do things manually rather than digitally.

Emily Frazzini, Executive Assistant to the President for AAA Colorado

AAA Colorado strives to streamline the way it runs its business in
order to optimize productivity for more than 300 employees
across locations throughout the state. A small human resources
team of six handles the end-to-end employee lifecycle
including payroll. However, in order to ensure that payroll is not
simply a transaction between the company and its employees,
the company’s HR team stays involved in order to turn the
payroll process into an opportunity to deliver a seamless
experience for the professionals who work there.

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