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Texas Orthopedics, Sports and Rehabilitation Associates

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"I have truly enjoyed working with Asure Software. They are always willing to go the extra step."


Texas Orthopedics, Sports and Rehabilitation Associates specialize in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and rheumatology. This wide range of services gives them the expertise to treat any musculoskeletal condition. After continued success and expansion, Texas Orthopedics realized it would need to bring in a time and attendance specialist.

The Challenge

Texas Orthopedics’ outdated punch card system was becoming cumbersome. “It was difficult to handle, and we had to add up all of the time manually for input,” said Tom Wolfe, Texas Orthopedics’ Administrator. Tracking complex labor, leave, and benefits at multiple locations amplified these accounting headaches. Tom realized something needed to be done—fast.

The Solution

Texas Orthopedics spent the next couple of weeks researching systems, comparing capabilities, and following up on vendor recommendations. They interviewed the few companies that made the cut, and worked through each product demonstration. After a thorough investigation into each company and solution, it was clear that AsureForce™ Time & Labor Management stood above the rest. Tom summed it up by saying, “Asure did all the things we wanted, was extremely user-friendly, and still fit well within our budget.”

The Results

The integration and implementation was consistent with Asure Software’s enviable reputation. “The system is truly easy to learn,” Tom said. “The Asure staff was always ready to assist with the transition, and was always available to answer our questions.” Asure’s next-generation time card drastically improved three crucial areas:

Security: Texas Orthopedics opted for employees to record their time with the Asure badge reader. This system not only records time with guaranteed accuracy—it uses the same badges to grant or deny location access.

Departmental: With so many employees migrating between locations, flexible cost tracking was paramount. Asure facilitated the high visibility of real-time information and enabled Texas Orthopedics to pinpoint labor costs in every department, at any location.

Accounting: AsureForce Time fully integrated with WolfePak to import master files and synchronize leave and accrual balances, allowing Texas Orthopedics to realize its true HR potential.

Since implementation, Texas Orthopedics has reaped the benefits of AsureForce Time’s efficiency and accuracy. Every pertinent time and attendance report can now be up and running within minutes. Tom says that saving time is almost as much fun as saving money, and Asure has helped Texas Orthopedics do both. “Payroll is done in under half the time as before,” he said. “I no longer have to stay late trying to get the payroll done. After switching to AsureForce Time, we have enjoyed an annual 3% reduction in total payroll costs.”

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