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Prior to implementation, we had very little documentation or accurate data to determine specific labor costs by site. After deployment, our finance team was able to determine that $0.80 of all costs are actual labor costs.

Dan Taft, President

For over 40 years, PSSI has provided sanitation to over 450 food
processing plants daily with over 15,000 sanitation employees
covering the United States and Canada. No other company in
the food market has broader experience, more boots on the
ground, or a larger pool of customers than PSSI. Their distinctive
business model used in the contract sanitation market adds
value to customers by tightening the sanitation window. Crews
are trained specifically to clean and sanitize, and PSSI
guarantees against downtime or pays for the idled labor cost if
production is delayed due to sanitation. For PSSI, timekeeping
drives the bottom line.

PSSI Website

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