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Our staff finds Meeting Room Manager very easy to use and we now have all The Open University Business School’s resources booked and managed directly by our users rather than our IT Support Team.


The Open University Business School, part of The Open University, is the largest business school in Europe and the largest MBA provider in the world. Based in the UK, The Open University Business School operates a series of regional offices and works with international partners to deliver courses in 44 countries. Established in 1983, The Open University Business School has its own academic and research units, which develop courses specifically around the distance learning model.

The Challenge

The Open University Business School has more than 270 staff members who all share resources throughout the school. As the university continued to grow, it was difficult to manage these resources with a notoriously unreliable paper-based system. Each resource had a sign-up sheet so that anyone in need of a particular resource had to either contact a resource administrator or go to a centralized location within the business school.

The Solution

The Open University Business School selected AsureSpace™ Meeting Room Scheduler because it offered an automated, centralized booking system that alleviated problems caused by the paper-based system.

The Results

It didn’t take long for The Open University Business School to realize the value of their investment. Not only did Meeting Room Scheduler simplify the resource reservation process among the staff, it also cut costs by reducing the maintenance required to administer the system.

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