HR as a Service (HRaaS)

Don’t have the resources to keep up with the latest legislation, recruit new talent, and deal with all the administration that goes with managing people?

Asure’s HR as a Service (HRaaS) is your fractional outsourced Human Resources department. We’ve helped 1000’s of small to mid-sized organizations stay focused on their core business objectives and maximizing their talent potential while we help keep them in compliance.

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Your Field Services Team determines and responds to your strategic and tactical HR needs through regular on-site and/or virtual visits.


Your Client Services Team manages your projects and responds to your daily HR issues.


Your Recruitment Team responds to your daily employment questions and works with your hiring managers to meet your recruiting needs.

Certified Professionals

Asure Consulting HRaaS employs certified HR professionals with both experience and expertise

Professional of Human Resources (PHR)

Certified HR professionals with tactical program implementation and experience.

Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR)

Certified senior HR professionals who are accountable for HR strategy and equipped with deep knowledge in all HR disciplines.

SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)

Certified HR professionals in operational roles who serve as a point of reference for policy and strategy implementation and day-to-day tasks.

SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM - SPC)

Certified senior HR professionals who focus on strategic initiatives involving areas such as data analysis, organizational goals development, and performance metrics.

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Elevate your work today

You know you need HR. But if you don’t want the cost, complexity, or risk of doing it yourself, you need HR as a Service (HRaaS).

Let’s talk about plans and pricing that work for you.

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