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Top Workforce Management Solutions for Mobile Workers

Mobile employees are an important and growing part of your workforce. Analysts predict that mobile employees will make up 42.5% of the total global workforce by 2022; nearly three-quarters of the US workforce by 2020; and about half of workers in the UK. Despite this trend, many organizations aren’t sure how to embolden remote employees to operate efficiently or stay motivated and engaged. To keep business moving forward, it’s important for organizations to understand how, when, why, and how often mobile workers should communicate—and provide support with technology. Learn how three workforce management software solutions help engage mobile employees and optimize their performance.

What is workforce management?

Workforce management is “an integrated set of processes a company uses to optimize the productivity of its employees.” Workforce management solutions help organizations gain insights into business metrics and better manage employees who work outside the traditional office environment. Some examples of mobile employees include staff working in delivery, installation, and maintenance roles; sales; customer support; and financial analysts. Using the cloud and mobile devices, workforce management software reduces administrative time by connecting employees to real-time information needed to improve communication, productivity, and engagement.

Benefits of workforce management software

The popularity of mobile devices and better network connectivity empower mobile employees to be productive outside the office. But it has also increased the demand for employers to both monitor and assist mobile employees in job performance. Some benefits of workforce management software, also known as employee management software or employment management software include:

  • Check schedules and other work details anytime. Workforce management software gives field workers the ability to check work order details and customer history to enhance customer service or schedule meeting rooms to improve productivity.
  • Reduce administrative burden. Employee management software relieves staff from hours of manual data entry and ensures accuracy of employee and customer records.
  • Improve communication. Keep remote employees connected and informed using employment management software.

Three ways to enhance mobile workforce management

Leverage employment management software as part of your overall HCM strategy to keep your mobile employees productive and engaged. Here are three workforce management solutions organizations use to optimize the mobile workforce.
1. Keep track of time and attendance
Employers must track employees working in multiple locations when managing a mobile workforce. Mobile devices enable workers to report time and geo-location features allow organizations to verify employees are where they’re supposed to be. To maintain visibility into employee schedules, many organizations are using employee management software that tracks time and attendance with mobile devices equipped with biometric verification to ensure accountability. Additionally, cloud-based tools help employees maintain accurate records of hours worked.
2. Manage time off
Employment management software helps organizations monitor time off requests and plan for employee vacation and other absences. Mobile employees benefit from the ability to take control of their own leave data and submit time off requests from wherever they are. Employers benefit from an automated system that keeps track of the details and ensures proper labor scheduling.
3. Right-size office space utilization
With so many mobile employees, how do you know how much space—or what kind of space—you need? Workforce management solutions offer a variety of tools that help you offer flexible, cost-efficient workspace options. Tools include:

  • Workplace Occupancy Sensors. Measure, manage, and optimize levels of occupancy, utilization, and environmental conditions.
  • Mobile Workspace Scheduling. Mobile workers can schedule meeting rooms or workspaces from their mobile device.

HCM software for your mobile workforce

Employees are your biggest asset. Workforce management software is an important part of your overall HCM strategy because it delivers the insights you need to lower labor costs and increase engagement. The data collected by workforce management software provides insights into performance, labor shortages, and office space needs so you can make informed decisions. To optimize your mobile workforce, take the necessary steps to focus your HCM strategy on managing, engaging, and retaining the best talent. Asure Software provides HCM software solutions that optimize employee management and your mobile workforce.

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