Blog - Who Are Today’s Mobile Workers?

Who Are Today’s Mobile Workers?

Work: It’s About What Gets Done, Not Where

By Tom Loveland, Global SVP Product of Strategy

Seems like just a few years ago, when you thought about the mobile workforce, you were thinking of sales reps out in the field – the road warriors who meet clients face-to-face and drum up new business.

Fast forward to 2014 and today’s mobile workforce looks dramatically different. In fact, studies show a majority of the U.S. workforce works multiple locations each and every week. The good news is that mobile workers are more productive. Forrester Research reported that mobile workers essentially add nearly an hour to their workday when given the right mobile technologies that enable them to work where they want, when they want.

So who are today’s mobile workers?

  • There is the coffee shop worker who slurps java and gets work done while leveraging free wifi access. And oh, by the way, there’s one free wifi hotspot for every 150 people on the planet (47.7 million globally) according to iPass, a leading wifi provider.
  • The pocket office worker runs his or her work through a smartphone or tablet. These workers are always on – as long as the apps are up to date and functioning. But the ideal pocket office means being able to store and access documents, give presentations, message clients, and track time. It’s a skillset not every mobile worker adapts well to.
  • The service worker encompasses employees who travel from business to business installing, fixing, cleaning and giving their employer’s brand a personal touch. In other cases, service workers go from home to home, repairing appliances, installing new cable systems or providing home health care. Service workers are rarely home and rarely in the office. In many cases, they access company software and applications from their vehicle, which happens to be their office.
  • The full-time, at-home worker enjoys the benefits of working eight hours in sweatpants and running the household while earning a paycheck. But don’t think for a minute that today’s home worker is slacking. A Brown University study showed that at-home employees increased their productivity by 12%. And, at-home workers have a substantially higher rate of job satisfaction than their in-office peers.
  • The telecommuter might work at home one or two days a week and travel to the office for the balance of the week. Just think of the positive impact organizations have on the Earth’s atmosphere by not requiring employees to commute to work each day. Since 2005, telecommuting grew 80% with more than three million employees telecommuting at least one day a week.

No matter who the mobile worker is or where they work, the key to empowering their productivity is to make sure they have access to network, software and applications.

About the Author

Tom Loveland, Global SVP of Product Strategy

Tom joined Asure Software as part of the acquisition of FotoPunch. While tom has just recently taken his seat as the Global Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, his relationship with Asure dates back to 2012 as a partner, enabling the development of GeoPunch. Tom founded and served as the CEO of FotoPunch before joining our team. Now that Tom is an in-house member of the team he’s focused on the integration of AsureForce and AsureSpace offerings that will allow us to better serve our existing customer base and new customers. Tom graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors Degree of Computer Science.

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