Blog - Resource Scheduling in Legal Practice: Managing Cost and Complexity

Resource Scheduling in Legal Practice: Managing Cost and Complexity

In any legal practice, the management of work hours is critical; billable hours are the primary source of revenue for most firms. Many of these hours are devoted to some type of meeting, resulting in complex room scheduling needs and a close link between the availability of space and the firm’s ability to generate revenue.

Delays caused by double-booked rooms or poorly managed last-minute changes drain time and value from meetings—and leave a negative impression on everyone affected. Particularly when a client is in the office, your meetings need to reflect the professional that your firm brings to the job.

The Need for Flexible Scheduling

Many mid-size and large firms have full-time staff dedicated to scheduling and managing conference rooms and other workspaces. While this helps ensure professional-grade service and hospitality for visitors, a lack of self-service capabilities can frustrate internal staff by limiting flexibility and slowing down the scheduling process.

A wide range of different meetings are held in law firms, and each one has unique requirements. Sudden changes in room assignments can be necessary to accommodate clients’ wishes. Whatever the case may be, you want to be able to confidently satisfy the needs of every attendee, whether that means swapping rooms, adding services, or simply following through on the scheduled arrangements without a hitch.

Modernizing Resource Scheduling in Law Firms

Asure Software’s Resource Scheduler provides fast, easy, full-service scheduling tools for law firms, enabling your workforce to reserve the rooms, resources and services required for a successful meeting.

The benefits of Asure’s cloud-based scheduling system include:

Integrated Booking Tools Available Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Meeting room management is just the beginning. With Asure, your users can quickly and easily reserve everything from conference rooms and shared workspaces to parking spots, A/V equipment, and more—across multiple locations.

It’s easy to use Resource Scheduler from any device—desktop, tablet, or mobile—and integrated touch panels and kiosks make it equally simple to book rooms and workspaces on the spot. Reservations are automatically updated and displayed in real time in Asure’s cloud-based system, enabling your people to navigate around scheduling challenges efficiently and make the most productive use of their working hours.

Analytics and Reporting

Asure Software provides powerful browser-based reporting tools so you can access objective utilization data to see how meeting rooms and other workspaces are used. Meeting room analytics provide insight into not only which rooms are being booked, but when, how, and why those spaces are actually utilized. With Asure, you can:

Keep an eye on overall trends with standardized summary reports or dive deeper with custom reports focused on your key performance indicators

Visualize the data to understand at a glance how specific locations, people, or departments influence the relationship between people and space in your firm

Identify your most valuable resources, people, and facilities—and optimize utilization patterns to increase performance and ROI

24/7 Global Support

Asure Software’s Client Support Services put the entire company’s knowledge and expertise at your disposal through experienced service professionals and support engineers at a global network of support centers. Our team is 100% committed to ensuring our solutions operate at peak performance within your organization, and our trained engineers use a proven escalation process to resolve any technical issues that arise.

Online self-support tools are also available to all supported users. The Asure Software Client Portal enables customers to:

CREATE and problem reports and feature requests

REVIEW knowledge base articles and tech notes

TRACK all issues raised with Client Support

Maximize Utilization and ROI from Your Assets with Asure Software

Efficient use of real estate assets is essential. As more law firms begin to apply workspace utilization data to optimize their offices and procedures, others will feel increasing pressure to deliver smooth, efficient room management for their clients and staff.

Asure Software’s Resource Scheduler can help make your workforce more efficient and productive by simplifying your scheduling processes and maximizing utilization of offices, conference rooms, and other spaces. At the same time, you’ll be able to deliver maximum satisfaction for your workforce, clientele, and visitors.

Contact Asure to learn more about how Resource Scheduler has helped simplify scheduling for legal clients like Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati—and how we can deliver these benefits to your organization.

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