Blog - Quantifying the Impact of Meeting Room Availability

Quantifying the Impact of Meeting Room Availability

It’s a multi-billion-dollar question: how do you quantify and manage the costs of business meetings?

Unfortunately, organizations often have little insight into their true utilization of conference rooms and other shared spaces—or how the company’s scheduling system affects the availability and cost of these resources.

Meetings Take More Time Than You Think

It often feels like a small commitment when you schedule a meeting—but the actual amount of time that will be spent on the meeting usually exceeds the neat little 30-to-60-minute box placed on your calendar.

You need to account for prep time, follow-up, and other incidental obligations related to the meeting—and multiply the total by the number of attendees. On top of the payroll cost, you have the cost of the conference or room or meeting space itself. And the fact that this space is committed to one particular meeting means it isn’t available to other workers.

Finding and Booking a Room Shouldn’t Add to the Cost

The longer it takes to schedule and complete a meeting, the more it ultimately costs the organization. After all, every moment spent checking other people’s schedules and booking a conference room adds to the total amount of payroll dedicated to the meeting.

The cost escalates even faster when everything needs to be coordinated through an office manager, or stakeholders need to manually enter the latest information into disparate personal calendars and booking systems. Instead, it should be easy for employees to find and reserve an available meeting space using their PC, mobile device, or integrated onsite tools for checking into conference rooms.

Time spent traveling to meetings—or trying to find an available room on the spot—also adds up, especially if the entire group is already assembled and has to physically search for a place to work. If a conference room is double booked, or employees get bumped from a reserved room for a more pressing meeting, everyone ends up wasting time as one group packs up and the other team waits to get started.

Managing these types of last-minute changes is far easier when employees can quickly pull up a cloud-based scheduling application to find the best available room, or an alternative time to meet.

Integrated Scheduling Tools and Utilization Monitoring

Asure Software provides an intuitive, easy-to-use conference room scheduling suite that empowers employees with 24/7 booking capabilities for all of the assets needed to have a successful business meeting. Equipped with this integrated toolset, employees can efficiently utilize the available space to meet their business objectives.

Equally importantly, Asure’s cloud-based resource management software can collect accurate workspace utilization data from onsite sensors to quantify employees’ actual use of specific rooms or workspaces. This granular insight into how employees interact with the office helps reveal unnecessary expenses and opportunities to better align the company’s real estate with the needs of its workforce.

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