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Planning Your Digital Workplace

By: Steven Rodriguez, COO Asure Software

The digital workplace, hoteling, hot desking and other alternative work strategies have become a reality for organizations worldwide. If you’re a business leader, you’re no doubt experiencing how the digital workplace impacts your employees from recruiting and retention to employee productivity, cross-collaboration technology infrastructure, and space planning.

In fact, in a Gartner survey conducted in 2014, researchers found that more than half of CIOs responding said they were concerned that their organizations were ill prepared for a pivot to a digital economy. In response to the study, Gartner developed an new industry sector focused on helping organizations identify, understand and develop solutions and strategies to effectively manage the new digital workplace.

But before IT leaders can support digital workplace demands, they must first understand the technology challenges that come with office workspace as well as creating productive meeting and collaboration spaces.

In a Gartner[1] report published late last year, analysts Leslie Fiering and Tim Zimmerman wrote, “In the digital workplace, mobility and social interactions are both key elements of physical workplace design…” The report emphasizes four main points:

  • Mobility can be facilitated by fast and stable wireless networks.
  • Social interactions can be boosted by a creating more effective meeting collaboration and public spaces.
  • Congestion of workers, devices and peripherals in the workplace mean that wireless network architecture must be reviewed constantly.
  • As collaboration increases, designing spaces and applying technology that facilitates both planned and ad hoc meetings become more critical.

Zimmerman and Fiering recommend IT leaders become students of broad workplace trends including demographic changes, talent management programs, globalization efforts, and changing roles and responsibilities. Understanding these trends will help inform IT leaders about technology strategies needed to keep pace. In addition, they recommend keeping tabs on the digital workplace nuances each business function or department has, making wireless spectrum management a top priority, and testing new technology solutions using the IT staff office space as an in-house laboratory.

At Asure Software, we’re at the forefront of these technology trends. Our goal is to help organizations maximize our cloud-based solutions across their business functions – from IT infrastructure to human resources, and employee communication and collaboration to facilities and real estate planning strategies. The result is a mobile-ready work environment, reduced operating costs, increased productivity and engagement, and enhanced retention and recruitment.

[1] “IT Challenges to Planning the End User’s Physical Work and Collaboration Spaces,” Nov. 2014

More About The Author

Steven Rodriguez, Chief Operating Officer

Before joining Asure Software, Steven served as a Principal for HCS, a consulting company he founded. Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice President and Officer at Perquest, a national workforce management company dedicated to providing innovative technology and superior client services in addition to serving as Senior Vice President of Sales & Sales Operations at Ceridian Corporation, a global human resource services company. As COO of Asure Software, Steven is focused on the global product strategy, technology, IT and operations for the organization. He also has his eyes on Asure’s plans for global domination by focusing on expansion into Dubai and Singapore. Steven holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

Known as a wizard in the art of crockpot cooking, Steven spends his free time dreaming up new recipes for friends and family. A true creative spirit, Steven is known for the innovative ideas he brings to clients and to the Asure Software family. He can also be frequently spotted visiting his daughter at Oklahoma University, which is also his alma mater (Go Sooners!).

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