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Office Décor to Help Employee Productivity

Research continues to support the idea that happy employees are more productive and engaged. Fortunately, there are some simple, practical ways for businesses to make a positive impact on employee happiness through the office environment. Statistics confirm many environmental components such as light, temperature, and noise can affect work output, efficiency, creativity, and wellness. That’s leading many businesses to design smarter workspaces using office décor elements that positively affect employee mood and health.
The most successful businesses use office décor to create flexible workspaces that promote work, inspire creativity, foster social connections, and support wellness. Studies show that employees are happier, engaged, and more productive in this type of environment. Here are seven work office décor and layout strategies businesses can use to help employee productivity.

Give employees workspace variety

When choosing the best office layout for productivity, the key word is variety. Give your employees a mix of workspaces that fit different tasks and activities—from quiet zones for independent work, to casual areas for breaks, to spaces that support both small-group and large-group meeting needs.

Say goodbye to clutter

One of the biggest drags on productivity is clutter. This typically happens when the office lacks ample storage. Transform the simple practice of being clean and organized into stylish work office décor by providing employees with plenty of storage options like shelves, cubbies, and boxes. Ensure items have a designated home. Encourage employees to clean up supplies daily; it takes just a few minutes, but will do wonders for office mood and productivity. A clean and organized desk leads to a clearer mind.

Optimize office lighting

Natural light exposure can boost energy levels. Yet on average, research shows that American and British workers spend more than 90% of their time indoors. In a research poll, access to natural light and views of the outdoors outranked other perks including fitness centers. Additionally, 70% said these features improved their job performance.

Bring nature inside

When decorating your office, try adding a few plants throughout the entire workspace; add smaller plants to cubicles and use larger groupings of vegetation in common areas. Studies show that plants relieve stress by connecting humans to nature and also purify the air. According to one study, green office design positively affected employees by providing a 26% boost in cognition and 30% fewer sickness-related absences. Another study found that moving to a green building improves decision-making performance by 8%.

Freshen up the office walls

Even the colors you choose for your office walls, furnishings, and other accents affect employee mood and productivity. Blues and greens are known for their calming, relaxing qualities. Yellows are typically chosen to spark creativity and happiness. Reds invoke emotion and passion. Think about the purpose of each workspace, and choose your colors wisely. Some businesses also choose to promote brand identity by including brand colors throughout the workspace.

Provide a seat for different moods

Another important consideration that directly impacts productivity is comfortable seating options. Include a mix of seating such as standing-height tables and stools, ergonomic desks and chairs, lounge furniture, and booth-style seating that embolden all types of postures, conversation styles, and work tasks.

Add deliberate inspiration

Some businesses use signage to boost employee productivity. For example, bulletin boards are a creative way to share messages, announce achievements, or enhance corporate culture. To be most effective, be sure to frequently refresh the display. Try hanging posters including inspirational messages around the office to keep employees feeling motivated and productive.

Invest in your workforce

Organizations that provide employees with workspace flexibility boost productivity and drive growth. Take steps now to add work office décor that positively impacts employee wellness, happiness, and mood. Discover more office design tips that drive growth and learn how Asure Software can be a strong partner in helping you better manage your workspaces.

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