On Monday, December 28, 2015, the IRS released Notice 2016-4 extending the due dates on the 2015 information reporting requirements for Affordable Care Act (ACA) Forms 1095-B and 1095-C. 

The new due date for furnishing these forms to individuals is now March 31, 2016. Prior to this extension, the deadline was February 1, 2016.

(Savers Admin still plans to provide the ACA forms in January to its payroll clients who have already contracted for this service. The forms will be delivered to these clients with their W-2s as previously planned.)

Employers who need help with their ACA Compliance reporting are encouraged to contact Savers Admin for immediate assistance. 


IRS Notice 2016-4 also extends the deadlines for employers to file Forms 1094-B, 1094-C, 1095-B, and 1095-C, with the IRS. If not filing electronically, the new deadline is May 31, 2016. If filing electronically, the new deadline is June 30, 2016. Visit the IRS website to read or download IRS Notice 2016-4.

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