Blog - The Hidden Cost of Poorly Managed Meeting Rooms

The Hidden Cost of Poorly Managed Meeting Rooms

In the United States, business professionals hold and attend 11 million meetings on average each day. Time is money, and in meetings, that money really adds up. Most meetings are 31 to 60 minutes long, and that can cost $338 or more in salaries. And if you’re higher up on the ladder, you most likely spend even more time in meetings—up to 50 percent.

However, despite the sheer number of meetings happening, employees consider 33.4 percent of them unproductive. Meetings can be unproductive if no decisions are ultimately made, presenters are unprepared, or one or two speakers dominate the conversation.

However you feel about business meetings, they aren’t going away anytime soon. Technological advances like video conferencing mean enable them to happen more often and with less hassle. With all the time and money spent in meetings, nothing can afford to be wasted. However, did you know that despite your company’s best efforts, you may be losing money on unorganized meeting room management?

On average, office managers make about $40,000 per year, or $19.10 per hour. If your office manager spends just 90 minutes each day managing schedules and emailing meeting participants, your company will spend at least $630 each month to manage meeting rooms—and that doesn’t even factor in the risk of human error, meetings running overtime, or cancellations.

Can your company afford to spend over $600 each month on meeting room scheduling? Effective meeting room scheduling software lets employees book conference rooms on their own, freeing up time for office managers to spend on other important aspects of their jobs. Scheduling solutions also eliminate double bookings, which can leave you and your clients awkwardly waiting in hallways until the other meeting ends.

Managing meeting rooms can be a tricky process, not just because of how many people need to use conference rooms, but because it’s hard to know exactly how often or what percentage of them are utilized. It can get even more difficult when you have a large amount of meeting rooms or several hundred employees. How can you know what meeting room scheduling software is right for your business?

With Asure Software, it doesn’t matter who or where you are—We can help your company effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of your meeting spaces. Asure’s cloud-based SaaS resource scheduling software simplifies space management, no matter your company. Quickly and easily find, reserve, and use conference rooms, shared workspaces, parking spots, audio/visual equipment, conference lines, and more—all with one system that can be used across multiple locations.

Asure Software’s Meeting Room Manager helps you learn how your space is being used—or if it’s being used at all—so that you can make educated business decisions. Since real estate is one of the biggest business expenses, it pays to know where those dollars are going. Our cloud-based system helps you manage your workspace, whether you have ten conference rooms in one location or thousands across the world.

With Meeting Room Manager, you can

  • Select space based on availability
  • Discover attendee availability and invite participants
  • Schedule space, send invitations, and view other reservations

Meeting Room Manager is part of Asure’s People Success Platform, which streamlines day-to-day business operations to help you save money, increase employee productivity, and simplify everything across the board, no matter who you are.  

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