Welcome to the City of Winston-Salem Dental Reimbursement Plan

This page provides resources for the City of Winston-Salem Dental Reimbursement Plan. To the right is a calculator that can be used to help estimate the amount the Plan will reimburse. Below are links to forms and informational documents related to the Plan.

Online Participant Portal

Log into the Participant Portal 24/7 to check your account balance and see your transaction history. Once your first dental reimbursement claim has been submitted and processed by Savers Admin, you will be able to register on the Participant Portal website. On the site you can view your balance and see your claims history. Download the document, Registering Your Participant Portal Account, on the right for more details on the Participant Portal website.

Using the Calculator to Estimate Your Dental Plan Benefit

Enter the amount of your dental expense. As you enter a dollar amount, the calculator will estimate the benefit your Plan will provide at each of the Plan’s tier levels.

NOTE: Reimbursement estimates shown in the calculator are for informational purposes only and are not a guarantee of coverage. Estimates are based on the assumption that no prior claims have been paid from the account holder’s Dental Reimbursement account. The calculator does not take into account any prior reimbursements paid from an account. Any prior claim activity may reduce the available reimbursement fund balance.


Schedule of Benefits Plan Pays:

Tier 1: First $300 paid at 100%


Tier 2: Next $50 is employee responsibility


Tier 3: Next $250 paid at 80%


Tier 4: Next $1,600 paid at 50%





Dental Reimbursement Plan Claim Form

Form to submit your dental reimbursement claim to Savers Admin. Instructions for completing the form are found on page 1 of the document.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Form to submit your direct deposit information to Savers Admin. Your reimbursement funds are then sent directly to your bank account. More secure than a mailed check, plus get your reimbursement funds faster!

Registering Your Online Participant Portal Account

Step-by-step instructions for creating and accessing the online Participant Portal website, where you can view account balances, transaction history, and more.

Dental Reimbursement Plan Details

Information sheet provides an overview of the structure and benefits provided by your Dental Reimbursement Plan.

Dental Reimbursement Plan FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Dental Reimbursement Plan.

Dental Claim Examples

Information sheet lists three claim examples. Details how the claims are reimbursed, showing dollar amounts, and shared responsibility by the Plan and the Employee.

Dental Claim Estimate Form

Form can be submitted to Savers Admin by either you or your dentist to request an estimate of coverage for an upcoming dental expense.

About Your Dental Reimbursement Plan

General overview of how to contact Savers Admin and where to obtain information about your Dental Reimbursement Plan.

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