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In an average company, 19% of the workforce participates in buddy-punching at least once annually, with companies experiencing related losses of 1.5 to 3% of gross payroll.

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If your organization does not have a mobile strategy in place, it’s time to reconsider. According to Ouye (Knoll, 2013), 63 million Americans are expected to telecommute by 2016, representing 43% of all U.S. workers. And with the Millennial generation entering the workforce, that number will only continue to grow.

Smart companies are finding ways to leverage this mobile workforce to get more done, foster productive work environments and even expand their talent pool beyond the borders.

Anytime, anywhere mobile time management

Nearly all employees are mobile – maybe some more than others. If you can get work done without being connected to a desk, consider yourself mobile. The ability for employees to access online time sheets from the Cloud or to allow managers to review, edit and approve timesheets on the fly means you’re getting the most out of your workforce.

We invented the “selfie” time punch

Admit it – you’ve taken a selfie before. But now you (and your employees) can take daily selfies to punch in and out. Asure Software offers the only mobile time app that uses biometric facial recognition to capture employee time data. This level of security eliminates buddy punching, and you get accurate employee data.

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