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videoTime collection options

Whether you are looking for barcode, biometric or proximity time clocks, we have you covered. Durable and dependable, our time clocks give you options in how to accurately collect time. All feature an easy-to-use keypad or touchscreen interface, as well as:

Zero Configuration and Easy Installation

No user interaction is necessary for initial configuration of our time clocks. Simply connect power and data to the clock and start punching.

Seamless Integration with AsureForce Time Software

The only time clocks designed by Asure Software, for AsureForce Time. Tight integration means the time clock is always up-to-date with software revisions and employee data.


Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The intuitive GUI was developed with smartphone ease-of-use in mind, and is combined with the brilliant color display provides a world-class user experience.

IP-based, Real-time “Push” Clock

All employee information is instantly recognized in AsureForce Time software making for seamless integration.

time clocksHardware-as-a-Service Time Clock Subscription Program

With the new AsureForce® Time Clock subscription program, you now have added flexibility on the cloud with easier upgrades and an even lower capital investment. AsureForce provides the time clock that’s right for your needs and provides full technology support, included in the annual rental cost.

Once set up, you’ll experience a lower cost of capital, while providing users with an easy to configure time clock format. You will enjoy real-time access to the cloud-based software, which will be available via remote access. The system also allows for employee self-service, virtually eliminating the need for technicians to support employee requests.

With low to no down-time, the AsureForce Time Clock subscription program means improved business operations, lower costs and the ability to deploy the latest time clock technology at a reduced cost.

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