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AsureForce® Time & Labor Management helps you easily capture time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing and labor law compliance. You also gain insight into workforce productivity trends, delivering the information you need to make smart decisions. AsureForce Time meets you wherever you are, literally, and is accessible through the Cloud, web browsers and mobile devices.

AsureForce TimeMobile time tracking

GeoPunch™ mobile time tracking gives your mobile, agile workforce a powerful tool that allows them to work from anywhere at anytime, increasing productivity and adoption rates with devices they are already familiar with. As part of the AsureForce® Time & Labor Management package, you have access to the industry-first, biometric facial recognition time collection mobile app that accurately collects employee time and helps prevent buddy-punching.

Time and Attendance

Accurate time collection is just the beginning. AsureForce Time also reduces your overall cost of ownership by automating processes and increasing productivity.

You can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations while still choosing the time entry methods that meet your employees’ needs.


AsureForce Time

Paperless Leave Requests

Make your employees self-sufficient with paperless leave requests. Managers and supervisors still get the information they need to make informed decisions while HR, Payroll and supervisors are no longer burdened with status inquiries and requests.

Employee Scheduling

Gain efficiencies in staff scheduling where supervisors can develop schedules around workforce requirements. Measure actual hours worked against the plan through intuitive calendar views.


AsureForce Time reporting provides critical employee payroll, scheduling and historical trend information. Users have the ability to create ad hoc reports tailored to their needs and save commonly used reports as their favorites.

AsureForce Time

Employee Self Service

Give employees access to their profile information, work schedule, remaining benefit time balances and PTO requests through a user-friendly self-service tool. Free up supervisors’ time from answering questions employees can now answer themselves.



For a full list of features and benefits view our AsureForce Time Datasheet.

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