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Space utilization and occupancy trends

SmartView is a comprehensive workplace utilization analysis solution that empowers you to make educated, cost-effective decisions about your workspace. It uses state-of-the-art occupancy and presence detection devices with in-depth, interactive reporting dashboards to track, measure, and analyze space throughout your entire facility including individual workspaces.

Occupancy Detection System

SmartView is a complete, automated and integrated time utilization measurement system.

This revolutionary system of activity sensors and analytic tools help you understand and manage available real estate and workstations – so you can see everything from which desks are always occupied to which satellite offices get used the least, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Passive Occupancy Detection

Discover actual use of space – meeting rooms to individual workspaces – by passively capturing occupancy and utilization through unobtrusive sensors. Employees go about their regular work activities while SmartView collects data.

SmartView space utilization Solution

Easy Installation

Installation is hassle free when we do it for you. The system is installed during off-peak work hours so there is little to no interruption of your work environment. Most employees don’t even realize the sensors are there.

Robust Data Analysis

Occupancy data comes to life with intuitive data visualizations from our reporting portal. You’ll be able to analyze a wealth of information with minimal training.

A Full Workspace Assessment

Get a complete picture of space utilization and uncover opportunities to cut real estate, energy and other operational costs. You can also measure the performance of telework programs and assess the possibility of a desk hoteling.

For a full list of features and benefits view our SmartView Datasheet.

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