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Mobile time collection

Collect employee time when they are on the move, working from multiple locations or at customer sites with the world’s first mobile, biometric time and attendance app, AsureForce® GeoPunch™. Employees can use their mobile device or one you provide to accurately track their time with a quick “selfie” photo. GeoPunch is in the Cloud, giving you peace of mind and the security you crave without the IT headache and high price.

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Biometric Facial Recognition Time Tracking

Accurately collect time, make clocking in and out easy, even while on the move and eliminate buddy punching. Facial recognition technology makes it possible. Employees take a picture of themselves with their cell phone, smartphone, tablet or other device and send it to Asure. GeoPunch automatically verifies the identity of the employee with hyper-accurate facial recognition algorithms, far superior to fingerprint.

Mobile Time and Labor Management Administration

With intuitive dashboard and timesheet views, it’s easy to see whether employees are approaching overtime. It’s easy to add missing punches, edit punch times, approve timesheets, and send data to payroll, all from a mobile device.

Real Time Data in the Cloud

All your data is in real-time and available immediately from the web. Payroll gets the accurate date they need to pay employees and track time.


GPS and cell triangulation technology enables you to be assured you have the right employee present at the right time at the right location for the right job. Each time your employee uses GeoPunch to clock in you will automatically receive a map with their exact geolocation (GPS) data.

geopunch time clockPayroll Integration


GeoPunch easily integrates with virtually any payroll or accounting software, allowing your organization to increase your mobile time tracking efficiency no matter what software you are currently using.

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