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PeopleCube is part of Asure Software, a business serving the major workplace markets around the world.  Asure Software brings together best- in-class workplace management software from the Business Solve, PeopleCube and Netsimplicity brands as one cohesive unit to help clients improve workspace efficiency, increase employee productivity and reduce workplace costs.  Asure Software’s significant global footprint is supported by a sophisticated partner eco-system.

The formal corporate governance demanded of a NASDAQ listed business, together with a thought-leadership culture, creates extensive opportunities to harness the latest technology platforms and invest in product development securing the next generation of workplace software products.

Welcome to Asure Software.

AsureSpace Workspace Management Solutions

The AsureSpace Workspace Management Product Suite includes:

Resource Scheduling

Resource Scheduler

Workspace management software is key to running an efficient business. Without proper workspace scheduling, productivity suffers and costs rise. AsureSpace™ Resource Scheduler is a flexible, cloud-based, low-risk workplace management solution that solves the most challenging workflow issues related to managing rooms, resources, and associated services.



Meeting Room Manager

Sometimes scheduling conference rooms, av equipment, catering and calendars can feel like you're tackling the world's largest wave. It doesn't have to be that way. AsueSpace™ Meeting Room Manager can make meeting room management smooth sailing.




Workspace Manager

Get the right space at the right time…every time.




workplace-biWorkplace Business Intelligence

Create visualizations to easily analyze real estate business intelligence data from multiple sources.





The PeopleCounter suite of products features revolutionary activity sensor devices and analytic tools to help you understand and manage available real estate – so that you can see everything from what desks are always occupied to which satellite offices get used the least. Our image sensors operate at 95% accuracy – which means that children, pets, and even your boss’ missed Nerf basketball shots won’t mess with your results.


Touch Panels

Use AsureSpace™LCD Touch Panels to make instant meeting room reservations, check upcoming availability and more with Resource Scheduler, Meeting Room Manager, and Workspace Manager

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