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Asure’s Channel Partners Can Leverage Best-In-Class Solutions And Service

In my previous blog posts I have discussed the importance of Asure Software’s relationship with our Channel partners. Now, I would like to position our Agile Working Solutions and how they can benefit partners and clients. continue reading

Five ways LinkedIn could have avoided its wage violation.

LinkedIn’s recent class action settlement cost it $6 million in back wages and fines to the US Department of Labor, and added it to the over 30,000 cases that the Wage and Hours Division pursues each year. Annually, over a quarter million workers are impacted in cases that cost employers hundreds of millions of dollars. LinkedIn has been commended on their response during this investigation and settlement, and for their commitment to make their workers whole. Clearly transparency and accountability are big parts of their culture, and I’d like to compliment LinkedIn for their response to this issue. continue reading

How Asure Software Views Our Changing Business Climate

One of the most important IT trends around the world involves the proliferation of cloud-based services. It’s hard to ignore adoption rates as companies move to the Cloud. These organizations have realized they simply can’t function with traditional, on-premise, software and systems. Why? Because the workforce is becoming more and more mobile every day! continue reading

The Channel Is Critical As Workspace Evolves

Enabling customer success through our Channel partners has never been more important than it is today. As the workspace evolution continues across each continent in the world, the Channel allows and helps organizations address their workspace planning demands – and identify ways they can reduce costs, increase employee collaboration and operate more efficiently. continue reading

Presidential Memorandum on Workplace Flexibility

Last week President Barack Obama put out a Presidential Memorandum titled, "Enhancing Workplace Flexibilities and Work-life Programs." Unlike the UK flexible work regulations, the memorandum only applies federal employees and still is a good sign for continued progress for those who are proponents of increased flexibility in the workplace. continue reading