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Who Are Today's Mobile Workers

Studies show a majority of the U.S. workforce works multiple locations each and every week. The good news is that mobile workers are more productive. Forrester Research reported that mobile workers essentially add nearly an hour to their workday when given the right mobile technologies that enable them to work where they want, when they want. continue reading

Executive Series: Steven Rodriguez- Why Software As A Service Makes Sense

Workplace and Workforce Management Software in the Cloud has grown in popularity in recent years. Companies that need to serve employees with 24/7 access to software applications know there are distinct advantages to on-demand solutions vs. on-premise software. continue reading

Executive Series: Jennifer Roth- Empower Today's Agile Workforce

Mobile worker…road warrior…telecommuter…technomads; these are all monikers for individuals who comprise today’s agile workforce. As you can see, they all have a slightly different focus and meaning, which begs the question: just who is the agile worker and what does he or she need to be “mobile” and productive? continue reading

Facial Recognition, The FBI, Jack Bauer, and Time and Labor Management

While many may argue against the use of facial recognition as an invasion of privacy, the other side of the coin is that it can be used to protect individuals and organizations. While I may not be Jack Bauer (as cool as it may be to have that on my résumé), my goal is to help protect organizations’ investment in its people and resources by using innovative technologies that today’s modern age offers. continue reading

Asure’s Channel Partners Can Leverage Best-In-Class Solutions And Service

In my previous blog posts I have discussed the importance of Asure Software’s relationship with our Channel partners. Now, I would like to position our Agile Working Solutions and how they can benefit partners and clients. continue reading