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Executive Series: Jennifer Roth- The Three Trends of Our Changing Workforce (Part 3- Technology)

In this third installment, I address how technology advances fuel the movement. The big trend to consider is if your IT organization should let employees use their own devices for work. continue reading

Executive Series: Jennifer Roth-The Three Trends of Our Changing Workforce (Part 2- Mobilization)

In Part One of this four-part blog series, I talked about our changing world – how today nearly every organization can think and behave globally. There really are no boundaries that prohibit us from doing business wherever our clients exist. Now I’d like to share a few thoughts on the impact mobilization has on organizations. continue reading

Executive Series:Jennifer Roth- The Three Trends of Our Changing Workforce(Part 1- Globalization)

AsureSpace Vice President of Marketing, Jen Roth, has put together a three part series on emerging trends in the workforce. Below is part 1, focusing on Globalization. Be sure to check back for parts 2 and 3! continue reading

Executive Series:Mike Kinney-What to Measure When Gathering Workspace Utilization Data?

AsureSpace Vice President of Sales, Mike Kinney, is back with another post for the Asure Software Executive Series on the blog. In this installment Mike takes a look at the metrics used to measure how workspace is used along with the tools used to measure it. continue reading

Top 100 Telecommuting Companies & The Next Step For Companies That Offer Telework

With telecommuting, remote work, and other flexbile work opportunities becoming more prevelant in the work place(there's even a top 100 distinction now!) it is important for companies and organizations to have the appropriate solutions & programs in place to manage these workers. So for those companies trying to figure out how to get the most out of telecommuting, remote work and other flexbile work opportunities here are some suggestions. continue reading