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Asure Software News

Seeking Alpha
Asure Software: Cloud-Based Growth Without The Nosebleed Valuation
John Leonard, CFA

As the "easy" cost cuts have largely been made across corporate America, any incremental savings will have to come from less obvious sources such as increasing workspace utilization, which can drop below 50% due to travel, off-site meetings, vacations and telecommuting. Companies can reduce real estate costs by up to 30% by increasing the use of shared space (hot desking) as the annual cost of an "employee backpack" (cubicle, desktop computer and land line) is $10,000-15,000.<<Read The Entire Article>>

The Leader
Workspace Technology Tools Help Organizations Support Mobile Staff Engagement and Productivity
Mike Kinney

In the July/August issue of The Leader Asure Software's VP of Sales for AsureSpace, Mike Kinney had an article published on the mobile workforce and the technology and tools to support it.<<Read The Entire Article>>

Hot Desking and Hoteling: Strategies for Employers and Mobile Workers
Jeff Roof

In May, Asure Software's Vice President of Product Management for AsureSpace, Jeff Roof had an article published on The article takes a look at hot desking and hoteling as organizational strategies that can be put into play to support an agile workforce made up of mobile workers. <<Read The Entire Article>>

Business News
Asure Software is leading the market with agile working solutions to maximise productivity

Asure Software was recently the subject of a Business News segment filmed at Scottish Waters office in Glasglow. The segment shows facilities professionals how the AsureSpace Workspace Manager solution supported the client’s hot desking program to optimize space and support agile workers. <<Read The Entire Article>>

CIO Magazine
Face Facts

Recently Asure Software's Vice President of Product Management, Jason Main, was featured in CIO Magazine. The piece addresses tracking the time of mobile workers on mobile phones with GeoPunch. <<Read The Entire Article>>

CIO Review
20 Most Promising Enterprise Software Companies 2014

The year 2013 was an exciting one for the global enterprises technology sector. Over the years, the enterprise software sector has attained maturity to a very great extent. The forecasts on the enterprise software market indicate at a CAGR of 8.8 percent during the period from 2010 to 2014. As the sector is persistently trying to recover from the financial crisis, more funding is expected, pointing at possibility of further growth. New enterprise software firms are coming up in large numbers across the globe. However, en route to progress, making enterprise software adaptive to market changes still remains a daunting task for entrepreneurs in the sector. Therefore, the present scenario calls for companies with potential to effectively tackle the current demands in the sector. <<Read The Entire Article>>

Enterprise Mobility, Digital Transformation and Work Spaces
Kevin Benedict

I had the opportunity to spend some time recently with Asure Software's VP/GM of EMEA and APAC, Nigel Clarke, and to discuss how digital transformation is impacting work spaces and the mobile workforce. In years past I attended facility management conferences and developed mobile apps to help manage facilities, assets, rooms, inspections, materials and supplies. We were counting and inspecting physical objects. Today, however, there are digital transformations taking place in this industry. <<Read The Entire Article>>

Workforce Management Excellence Essentials
Steven Rodriguez

In February, Asure Software's COO, Steven Rodriguez, had an article published by Workforce Management Excellence Essentials. In the article Steven explores the idea of mobility in the workplace, the flexibility it creates, the technology around it, and turning them all into operational advantages for the organization. <<Read The Entire Article>>

Work Design Magazine
Nigel Clarke

Real estate is the second largest expense for many organizations, making it a logical place for business leaders to explore for efficiencies now that personnel levels – typically an organization’s top expense – are running lean after years of trimming. Even as many businesses are gradually ramping hiring levels back up to grow with the economy, many are doing so with minimal or no additional real estate space.

As a result, many workplace design professionals are being tasked to not only optimize workspaces, but also to do so without negatively affecting employees – and ideally finding ways to enhance the workspace experience to accommodate the way an increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce interacts and collaborates. <<Read The Entire Article>>

Barrington Research
Asure Software- Initiating Coverage with an OUTPERFORM Rating

About 6,000 organizations of various size (ranging from 25-3,000 employees) use Asure’s solutions to optimize time and attendance (Force) and office real estate (Space). Its solutions feature enterprise-level productivity at affordable pricing ($3.75-4.25 per employee per month, on average), quick RO (typically in six months), and innovative functionality (e.g. mobile, biometric scanning, and facial recognition). <<Read The Entire Article>>

CIO Review
Asure Software: Connecting Workforce with the Next-Gen Workspace

In today's world, companies across the globe are making productivity a top priority in their environment. Three important aspects that are a necessary part of the equation to achieve productivity are labour cost, technology and real estate. But with globalization and mobilization on the rise the modern workforce and work space looks nothing like the labour pool or space of the preceding decades. Gone are the days of a traditional desk with a land line, a computer terminal and a cubicle. Today’s workforce needs 24/7 access via mobile devices, tablet and laptops. There is a need for real-time information from every corner of the world to collaborate and innovate. Workers are empowered to "get on their feet and out on the street" – or at least, out of the office confines and into the world where customers and prospects are living and business is being conducted. <<Read The Entire Article>>

Workforce Solutions Review
Use Workforce Technology for a Mobile Worker Program that Rocks
Steven Rodriguez

John Lennon’s 1971 song, “Power to the People,” was a message urging people to get involved in what they believed in by taking action. In a way, today’s workforce is facing a similar situation. Workers are empowered to “get on their feet and out on the street” – or at least, out of the office confines and into the world where customers and prospects are living and business is being conducted. <<Read The Entire Article>>

The Wall Street Transcript
Interview With Pat Goepel

On November 11, our CEO, Pat Goepel was interviewed by The Wall Street Transcript. Below is the transcript from the interview where Pat discusses Asure Software, The Cloud and SaaS, and how Asure Software is being viewed by the investment community. <<Read The Entire Interview>>

Facility Management Journal
The Next Frontier For Bottom-Line Cost Cutting
Jeff Roof

Despite the news earlier this year that Yahoo! and Best Buy retracted their telecommuting programs, reports consistently show that the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile. In fact, IT advisory firm International Data Corporation predicts the worldwide mobile worker population will exceed 1.3 billion by 2015. This movement is supported by a proliferation of and advancements in smartphones and tablets, improved Wi-Fi infrastructures and other factors. <<Read The Entire Article>>

FM World
FM Monitor: Room Sensors
Nigel Clarke

Real estate is the second largest expense for many organisations. It's logical area for business leaders to explore for efficiencies now that personnel levels- typically an organisation's top expense- are running lean after years of trimming.

As a result, facilities professionals may find themselves under increasing pressure to not only optimise the spaces they oversee, but also to accomplish the task without negatively affecting employees. Ideally, this also involves finding ways to enhance the workspace experience to accomodate the way workforces interact and collaborate. <<Read The Entire Article>>

Buildings Magazine
5 Ways To Maximize Savings
Featuring Jeff Roof

If you have a paper-based system or one that requires asking a point person to make and change reservations, you may be unknowingly handicapping productivity. Migrating to an electronic reservation system that allows employees to book rooms or desks themselves can cut down on the time needed to book a space.

But there's more to space management than booking meeting rooms and hoteling desks. Even the most basic software offers opportunities to boost productivity, but to derive the maximum benefits from space scheduling, consider passing over simple calendar systems for a more sophisticated solution that can save you additional time, energy, money, and effort. <<Read The Entire Article>>

Red Chip Money Report
Interview With Pat Goepel
Pat Goepel

Recently Pat Goepel was featured on RedChip Money Report that airs on Fox Business News. Pat discusses labor and real estate as many organizations' top expenses, along with Asure Software's impressive customer base. <<Watch The Interview>>

Workforce Solutions Review
Case Study: Adapting to the New Mobile Workforce: Software-as-a-Service is an Enabler
Joe Karbowski

Despite the news and buzz earlier this year when Yahoo! and Best Buy retracted their telecommuting programs, the fact remains that the workforce, in general, is becoming increasingly mobile, supported by a proliferation of smartphones, tablets, improved Wi-Fi access, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS0 technologies. In fact, IDC predicts the worldwide mobile worker population will exceed 2.3 billion by 2015. <<Read The Entire Article>>

FM Magazine
10 Strategies to Maximise Workspace Utilisation
Pat Goepel

How can real estate and facility professionals maximise the value of their space without negatively impacting employees while, at the same time, getting the most from their real estate budgets? It’s a question receiving more and more attention at the executive management team level. Why? Because real estate costs are the second largest cost for most organisations, yet they can be managed effectively if workspace utilisation is optimised. <<Read The Entire Article>> 

Austin Business Journal
Asure Software Gets Named To The Austin Business Journal's Top Public Companies List

In June of 2013 The Austin Business Journal named Asure Software to it's list of top public companies for the fiscal year of 2012. It is certainly a great honor for us here at Asure Software. <<See The List>> 

Texas CEO Magazine
Pat Goepel

It’s a typical Monday morning in 2015. As Josh enters his office building, he launches an app on his cell phone that takes his photo, verifies his location and validates his security privileges to quickly pass through building security. He sits down at his shared cubicle and boots up his personal laptop. As he logs in, the laptop detects his location and triggers the digital photo frame in his cube to pull up his family photos and change the nameplate to Joshua Harris. He connects into his weekly staff meeting from his Austin-based office via webcam and is greeted with a friendly wave from team members in London, Chicago and San Francisco. When the meeting adjourns, he heads to the company café for a brainstorming session and has also booked a room and ordered beverages via his mobile device for an afternoon client meeting. When Josh arrives for that meeting, the LCD touch panel outside the conference room tells him who has entered the room and who is attending online. <<Read The Entire Article>>

CIO Review
Technology Strategies Designed to Support the Workplace of the Future
Pat Goepel

It happens almost daily: New technological advances change how employees around the world get work done. A great example of the impact technology on business is making work (and employees) more portable. Thanks to tablet computing, wi-fi, easy access to limitless data storage, and smart phone technology, people can work from almost anywhere at anytime. And organizations leading the charge in mobilized workforce strategies are realizing the benefits of collaboration with better work products and increased productivity. <<Read The Entire Article>>

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