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Seeing Really Is Believing

Data gets thrown around all over the place – through spreadsheets, static reports, and all sorts of other methods, but at the end of the day there’s a reason why we use what’s called the “eyeball test.”  When it comes to how to manage your real estate (typically one of the highest costs for most companies), there can’t be any illusions.  The answers must be crystal clear.

Asure’s Workplace BI doesn’t just present you with data, or even pretty static graphs.  Workplace BI provides graphical real estate business intelligence visualization visualizations that allow you to turn large amounts of workspace utilization data into meaningful graphical representations of true information.  Using pre-configured interactive visualizations or ones you’ve easily created on your own, you’ll have the insight that goes beyond the basic knowledge of workspace utilization where you can truly understand how your organization operates, what types of cultural changes need to take place in order to improve efficiencies, and strategies to get more ROI out of your real estate.

Business Intelligence Visualization Features

  • Identify if reserved workspace is actually being used
  • Uncover why certain space is booked frequently while others remain vacant
  • Compare space utilization among various locations and departments
  • Recognize those who frequently book workspace but don’t actually use it
  • Discover ways to reduce or repurpose space without sacrificing efficiency or productivity
  • Uncover methods of improving workspace density to maximize real estate value

real estate business intelligence visualizations

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