Workplace Business Intelligence

Workplace BI Features | Real Estate Business Intelligence Visualizations | Collect Data From Multiple Systems | Actual vs. Planned Utlization

Make no mistake – this isn’t your granddad’s data. Workplace BI offers invaluable insight into how your company can save more money. Workplace BI is an analytics workspace & business management tool, not a product, that we created to help you identify and eliminate real estate inefficiencies in your business and across any industry.

“You can't manage what you can't measure” - Peter Drucker

Boston Consulting Group claims that only 40% of all corporate real estate is actually being used at any given time. Workplace BI converts and optimizes space utilization and other data to create customized interactive business intelligence visualizations that are used to identify ways to cut costs and maximize the value of your real estate assets and investments.

Workplace BI provides insights by analyzing data from multiple systems such as:

  • Room & resource scheduling data
  • Network transaction data
  • Security badge data
  • Occupancy detection & motion sensor data
  • Video teleconference logs
  • AsureSpace Touch Panels

Workplace BI helps you identify which areas of your real estate are being utilized more than others, and even meeting rooms and other workspaces that are reserved but not actually used.  You can delve down into the visualizations to analyze trends by location, by person, or by department to understand more than just what space is being underutilized, but when, by whom, and most importantly…why.

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