SmartView Occupancy Detection System

As workers and workspaces continue to evolve faster than ever before, real estate continues to be one of the top costs for most organizations. Wasted space means wasted money and wasted money means wasted profits. Your organization needs actual use data to make the best, most cost-effective real estate decisions.

With SmartView you can capture actual usage data on workstations, meeting rooms, collaborative spaces and workstation areas.

The SmartView Actual Utilization Data Capturing System can help you

  • Plan for future real estate growth or prevent unnecessary real estate expansion
  • Reconfigure existing space to accommodate your changing workforce
  • Decrease costs of janitorial, maintenance, and other services
  • Identify the most effective use of your space
  • Reduce energy expenses, carbon footprint, and environmental impact

Because we rely on Passive Data Collection (PDC) as opposed to Active Data Collection (ADC), our solutions are able to eliminate all the human errors that occur in data collection.

SmartView Activity Sensors

These wireless activity sensors are affixed to the underside of any desk or workstation, or placed in a conference room. Through infrared technology, they capture movement and heat to identify if a space was used, for how long and how frequently. Collecting this data is essential in understanding how workspaces are being used and can be leveraged to measure overall workspace utilization, preferences and performance of telework programs.

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