CloudsSmartTag Workplace Management Solutions: 15 months of hosting for the price of 12!

We're excited to bring you the full suite of SmartTag Workplace Management Solutions. So much so, we're offering you 3 months of hosting if you purchase by December 31, 2014. That's 15 months of hosting for the price of 12.

Web Based Asset Management

SmartTag Workplace Management Solutions contain web-based space, occupancy, and asset management tools which save companies time managing day-to-day logistics while providing accurate and up-to-date metrics on the workplace’s occupancy. The result is streamlined operations in space management with a robust strategic database.

Workplace -manager

What can SmartTag do for your organization?

  • Streamline day-to-day occupancy management
  • Recognize vacant or misallocated space
  • Reduce asset loss and misplacement
  • Provide in depth workplace and real estate data for reporting

Not Your Run of The Mill Asset Management Solution

What makes SmartTag unique is that users can manage three areas (space, occupancy, assets) on a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface - built around interactive floor plans – all on a single platform. It does not require AutoCAD experience (a common prerequisite for working with digital floor plans) and is accessible across all devices including tablets.

SmartTag goes above and beyond when it comes to asset management, check all of theses features!

  • Drag & drop occupancy and asset location updates
  • Highlight floor plans for vacancy, assets, departments, job titles, etc.
  • Sync with HR person records database
  • Assign assets to people, space or other assets (location automatically updated during moves)
  • Web-based access across devices including tablets
  • All data exportable to Excel
  • Unlimited floor plan updates
  • Automatic updates
  • Unlimited users
  • Role-based access

Want to learn more?

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