Equipment Management Software & Equipment Scheduling from AsureSpace

Benefits of Equipment Management Software

  • Utilize real estate and resources more efficiently
  • Eliminate confusion and double-bookings
  • Simplify the scheduling of services and resources for events

Take a look at some examples of the type of equipment you can manage using Resource Scheduler as equipment management software.

A/V Equipment Management Software

Whether you need a projector, videoconferencing equipment, or display units, Resource Scheduler allows you to search for these items based on when you need them. And once they’re booked for the time you specify, they can’t be reserved by anyone else during that time.

Lab Equipment Management

Resource Scheduler allows you to make equipment reservations on microscopes, anemometers and other lab equipment quickly and easily. Simply enter in the type of resource or piece of equipment you need and the time you need it and the application will automatically display all the available equipment for the time you specify. Plus, you can use Resource Scheduler’s reporting capabilities to track usage trends of the equipment to help dictate when replacement parts or units are needed.

Company Vehicle Reservation with Equipment Management Software

If you have a fleet of company cars, you need a way to allocate them appropriately. Using Resource Scheduler, you simply enter the type of car you need (sedan, van, etc.) and when it’s needed. Resource Scheduler then presents only the vehicles that are available during the time you’ve requested.

Resource Scheduler also supports recurring reservations. Whether you need a piece of equipment one time, daily, weekly or monthly, you simply enter the recurring data into Resource Scheduler during the time of the reservation. If there is a conflict with one of the recurring times, Resource Scheduler identifies this conflict so that you can find a comparable replacement.

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