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Resource Scheduler Integration Options

We know that no two organizations are the same.  Every company runs their operations differently.  That’s why, unlike our competition, we don’t take the cookie-cutter approach to workspace management.  Instead, we look to develop Resource Scheduler based on the needs of our customers.  And if we can’t facilitate those needs ourselves, we turn to our partners for help.
Using Resource Scheduler’s API, we’ve developed a number of integrated solutions to extend the value of Resource Scheduler even further. 


 Mobile Device: From your tablet to your smartphone, search for and reserve the resources and services you need when you need it from almost anywhere. Learn more about resource scheduling on a mobile device.



 Microsoft Outlook: Book your meeting attendees and resources all from within the same familiar Outlook environment. Learn more about resource scheduling in Microsoft Outlook.




Touch Panels: Using the AsureSpace Touch Panels or room displays from other vendors, view and manage room availability, book meetings on the spot, and check-in to your reservations quickly and easily. Learn more about AsureSpace Touch Panels.




Kiosks: Using an interactive floor plan view, find out what workspaces are available when, and check into existing reservations as soon as you enter the facility. Learn more about Scheduling Floor Plans & Kiosks




Business Intelligence Analytics: Use AsureSpace Workplace BI to track reservation data and identify space utilization trends to determine if you have too much, too little, or just the right type of workspace. Learn more about Workplace BI.




OneLogin: With Resource Scheduler Cloud Services and OneLogin, you’ll simply find it easier to administer Resource Scheduler with all of your other systems and services


Asure also partners with a number of organizations to help maximize the value of our solutions.  They all share our common objective of optimizing the workplace to improve productivity, enhance efficiency, and maximize profits.

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