“We estimate our savings with Resource Scheduler could amount to as much as $2,500 per day by eliminating the need to scramble to book office space.”
- Leading Worldwide Financial Institution

AsureSpace Resource Scheduling Software

Imagine yourself in this resource scheduling disaster: It’s 15 minutes until your big meeting. Your presentation slides are stunning and you practiced your speech so many times even your dog has it memorized. The caterers just arrived with those amazing croissants and coffee you know your coworkers love. 20 minutes creep past and you are still sitting alone in the cold conference room, sweating through your dress shoes. Apparently your boss had to leave town yesterday and moved your presentation to next week. Looks like everyone found out - well, everyone but you and the caterers. 

Ensure that a scheduling disaster doesn't happen again using AsureSpace Resource Scheduler. Our scalable, robust, easy-to-use resource scheduling software can help you cut the fuss and confusion out of resource scheduling. From conference rooms and video conferencing facilities to shared workspace and managed services, Resource Scheduler helps organizations attain new levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and cost avoidance.

Using a highly-intuitive user interface, Resource Scheduler supports a variety of workspace management needs. From the lobby entrance to the corner office, with Resource Scheduler, you’ll simply get more done in less time—every time.

The ROI of Resource Scheduler Cloud Services 

Resource Scheduler Cloud Services provide a tremendous ROI and pays for itself within the first few months of use. For some organizations, running Resource Scheduler in a dedicated hosting environment can save them anywhere from $6,500 to $200,000 a year because it reduces or eliminates the costs of: servers, additional hardware, hardware license and maintenance costs, software upgrades, training, installation costs and more. 

With Resource Scheduler you'll be able to:

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