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Meeting Room Manager Services

We want you to start experiencing benefits from Meeting Room Manager immediately, so we offer a full range of service options to make sure that happens, including setup, training, and a variety of other professional services.

Buy training and deployment assistance to get up and running quickly, or we can help you design a custom on-site service for your specific needs. Contact your Client Success Manager at and we'll help you get started.


Meeting Room Manager Pro and Enterprise customers can choose from the following services to simplify setup of more extensive sites, user groups and user interface customizations:

  • Installation Walkthrough: Includes consultation and assistance to system administrators in the installation and initial configuration of Meeting Room Manager In-House editions on your chosen server. (Up to 4 hours.)
  • Location and Room Setup Service: Includes import and setup of all details for each of your conference and meeting rooms, based on a list you provide. (Up to 2 hours.)
  • User Group Setup Service: Includes setup of users, user groups, and security rights for your organization, based on a list you provide. (Up to 2 hours.)
  • Meeting Room Manager Architect Customization Service: Includes customizing Meeting Room Manager’s user interface for your organization, including fields and field labels, using the powerful Meeting Room Manager Architect. (Up to 4 hours.)


We're committed to helping you experience the benefits of real-time, Web-based scheduling, so we offer two training courses for Meeting Room Manager: one for users and one for system administrators.

Each session is available via Web and audio conference from an AsureSpace training representative, and any number of participants may attend. Each session provides up to four hours of training time to cover the agenda and allow for a question and answer period. Customers may select one or both sessions to meet their needs. For more information on any of these training sessions contact your Client Success Manager at

End User Training
This session is designed for those who will be using the application regularly to meet scheduling needs. Our trainer will explain the application interface, the reservation process, and some of the built-in features that help with the day-to-day use of the software. These include instruction on how to use built-in filters and search forms, as well as how to produce detailed reports on reservation data. (Up to 4 hours.)

Meeting Room Manager Professional Administrator Training
This session is designed for Meeting Room Manager Professional system administrators who will be deploying and administering the application within the organization. Our trainer will provide an overview of the application from the "user" perspective and will also explain all administrative options available. (Up to 4 hours.)

Meeting Room Manager Enterprise Administrator Training
This session is designed for Meeting Room Manager Enterprise system administrators who will be deploying and administering the application within the organization. Our trainer will give an overview of the application from the "admin user" perspective and will explain all available administrative options. (Up to 6 hours.)

Training Packages
Maximize your training budget by purchasing one of the many training "bundles" available, these packages include a variety of training and deployment assistance combinations to give you the help you need for less.

Hourly Services

Our deployment experts are ready to provide a host of hourly services to make sure you're getting the most out of your purchase. These include:

Customized Business Rules
Let us help you define and create any business rules or work flow policies you require using our powerful Business Rules feature.

Custom Reports
Don't find the report you need in the extensive list of reports included with Meeting Room Manager? Our team can work with you to define your requirements, and create a custom report that's made to order. These reports will be easily accessible through our built in reporting console.

Email Automation
Our team can help automate or create new email functionality that may not exist in the standard product, to allow for better communication and improve overall workflow process.

Data Migration
New customers moving from an existing scheduling system, or existing customers with data they wish to consolidate within Meeting Room Manager can take advantage of our extensive data migration services.

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